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rechargeable power bank usb charger

We supply Mini portable battery power bank rechargeable power bank usb charger for smartphone. If any comments to us, welcome to contact us!

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Factory profile

Our company was founded in 2012. We are a factory specializing in the production of power packs, portable battery power supply, rechargeable AA batteries, rechargeable power bank usb charger, wireless chargers, and iPhone batteries, located in Shenzhen. We have great strength and many years of experience.

 If you are willing to be a distributor of our products, we can provide marketing materials, for example, we can provide you with pictures and design support when uploading the network. If you plan to sell B2B customers as promotional orders, we can provide free artwork and support you to customize the artwork of portable battery power supply. If your goal is a supermarket or electronic channel, we can provide you with printed advertising materials.
If we order Smartools brand power banks, we will prepare thousands of inventory for repeat orders from previous customers without MOQ. If you want to customize your logo or design, please contact us by e-mail, because different MOQ requirements customize the product or packaging.
As for the delivery time of the order, it depends on the quantity and requirements of your order. Usually we can deliver the goods within 3-5 days after payment. Delivery through Korla takes 3-5 days. We still have a lot of models in stock. Please consult our customer manager for more details and ensure that your requirements are met.



How many dazzling patterns do you like?
No problem. Integration also supports pattern customization. 

Our products have three advantages: safety, compactness and portability. They can be used as gifts.
Safety: We use a lithium polymer with a capacity of 5000 mAh as a new type of first-class battery to provide more than 500 cycles of battery life.
Portable: small to credit cards, portable battery power, larger capacity than other suppliers
Gift Packaging: Special gift box can be used with USB chargers of different charging power supply groups.



Portable electronic products *Mp3&Mp4. Digital products .Laptops. Electric toys. Electric modern aircraft. Camera. Remote control CD players.Video cameras.Recording pens.Wireless mouses.
Cordless Phones&walkie talkies *Telephone. Wireless microphone .Communication equipment .
Emergency lighting &Led Lighting *Flashlight .Led lights .Emergency lighting . miner's power lights .
Power tool*Cordless power tools.Charging type electric tools.Vacuum cleaners.Sweeping machine .Model airplanes.Remote control models.Inflatable pumps.




Frequently asked questions
1. How do you control your quality?
Answer: We have six procedures to control product quality.

2. What is the common capacity of batteries?
Answer: General battery factories produce 2000 mA, 2200 mA, 2400 mA and 2600 mA lithium-ion batteries.

3. How to pay taxes when purchasing products?
Answer: We provide uninterruptible power supply or sea or train transportation, depending on the power consumption of portable batteries. Freight forwarders, whether UPS or DHL, will call you and collect tariffs when importing to your country. After paying taxes, they will send them to your address.

4. How to trade and pay?
Answer: Our terms of trade vary, depending on the ability of our customers. If you have an office or logistics agent in China, we can provide you with EXW or FOB China. If you like simple operation, we can offer C.I.F. price for portable battery power, even door-to-door. You can sign the receipt.

5. Do I need to buy extra cables to connect the packages?

Answer: If you have an Android smartphone, you don't need to buy extra cables because there's a cable in the box. If you own Apple products (such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTouch), please use existing lightning cables to charge your phone.

6. When charging, the light on my battery is flickering fast?

Answer: When charging, the first battery indicator flashes when charging. When the battery power reaches 25%, the first indicator lights up and the second indicator starts to flicker. Repeat this mode until all lights become solid and the device is fully charged.

7. How do I recharge batteries in Europe?

Answer: Wall-mounted charger is a charger that must be complained about. Make sure its output voltage does not exceed 5 volts and use the wires attached to the unit.  USB wall charger adapter can also be used.


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