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Ultra Slim Power Bank

We supply Ultra slim Power Bank. Besides we collected the marketing information every year and developed our own products through strong R&D team, which is over 10 engineers of latest power bank price. Each professional project engineer guide and follow up the whole 5000mah power bank procedure from mold design, circuit design, structure design to final performance assessment, sampling and mass production. We would be glad to receive your inquiry.

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Ultra slim Power Bank

Portable: smaller as credit card size and higher capacity than other suppliers’ 

NO MOQ: our 5000mah ultra slim power bank can be customized to any pictures design and logo without MOQ request.

Gift: Special gift package box is matched different artwork of best 5000mah power bank.

Safe: we use Grade A New battery 5000mAh capacity Li Polymer to power bank life over 500 cycles.

- Eco Friendly: recycle material are used to products and boxes, which meet the request of RoHS Reach, WEEE, Phthalate certification.

Product name

5000mAh power bank


Black / customize


93*63*12mm (credit card size)








Top Grade A Li Polymer Rechargeable Battery

Life cycle

500 times

Battery Voltage

3.7V to 4.35V


Short circuit protection

Over voltage protection

Over temperature protection

EMC protection




Reset when recharge it

work temperature


environment temperature



20-95 RH% 40℃)


Micro USB cable, user manual, best 5000mah power bank


iphone, Samsung, huawei, xiaomi, htc, vivo most smartphone, ipad


Gift box

Established in 2012. We are professional manufacture of power bank, mobile charger, rechargeable aa batteries, quick charge best 5000mah power bank, wireless charger, iphone battery and located in Shenzhen. 

1.Is it true that branded power bank will never explode and generic power bank will explode?

A: Any wrong operation leads to battery such as short circuit, over heating would be danger to explode, no matter brands or generic best 5000mah power bank. Good quality and strictly quality control would be vital to safety products.

2.What artwork requirements if customize design or logo?

A: Normally Ai, PSD or eps format documents are required. For logo printing 5000mah power bank price or engraving, the logo image or text must be provided as a vector file which retains its high resolution.

3.What certification do you pass based on your power bank?

A: Most of our power bank were sold to Europe market and USA market latest power bank price. The main marketing channel is shopping mall and super markets, such as Media Markt, Dixson, Aldi. Such customers request very fastidious to our products. We must pass CE EMC FCC, Rohs Reach SCCP GS Phthalate certifications.

4.What materials of best 5000mah power bank can you offer?

A: Our products are mainly produced by PC or ABS materials, which are easily printed colorful design and logo customize.

5.Why not develop higher capacity best 5000mah power bank such as 20000mAh or over?

A: All our products are developed based on marketing analysis from customers. By our opinion, it is too heavy to carry 20000mah power bank 5000mah power bank price in bag. Our MC5 can charge your phone 1.5 times to 2 times, our MC10 Mobile power can charge your phone 3 times or 4 times. We think they are enough for most end users.

How to charge the Polymer battery (power bank) ?

Polymer battery is a new type of battery, the most significant feature is very thin, but also light weight, the appearance of the shape can also be diversified, and most of the polymer battery can also be made of aluminum plastic film shell, Which in the course of the use of a guarantee of safety, but in the course of the operation due to improper operation, leading to the phenomenon of temperature rise or oxidation, the battery will also appear gas expansion, serious cases can cause an explosion, then we are using In the process, how to charge the polymer battery?

Polymer battery charging method

For the new polymer battery, since the battery will automatically enter the dormant state after being placed for a period of time, the capacity of the polymer battery is very low at this time, and the battery usage time will also be shortened. In this case, Polymer batteries for three to five times the normal charge and discharge, so that the cycle, you can activate the battery, and will return to normal capacity; and in the charging process, only need to charge the first three times the battery is full It may not need to perform over-discharge or over-discharge on the battery, and may be about half an hour after the polymer battery is fully charged. Overshooting and excessive discharge may affect the battery to a certain extent, thereby affecting the service life of the battery.

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