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Power Bank USB Output

We manufacture of power bank USB Output. In the past five years, we developed mobile power bank with the aim of helping smartphone users to improve their mobile lives, while having some fun with it. A brand created to bring cool design power 5000 and personalization into the most innovation and best quality mobile xiaomi mi 5000 mah powerbank gadgets. We are happy to cooperate with you.

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Product Details

power bank USB Output


- Cool design: hundreds of unique designs were created by top artist in Europe and private module was tooling by professional team in China.

- Super Slim:our power bank USB Output is created as Credit card size and portable on hand or packet.

- Soft touching:Rubber oil coated as matte finish to full body of power bank make it soft and lovely

- Capacity: high quality 5000mAh Li Polymer battery is built in MC5 power bank USB Output which is safe protection to avoid dangerous.

- Safety:more protection technical IC are designed to short circuit, over voltage and high temperature.

- Intelligent:automatically charging mobile phone when plug in and auto shut off when unplug.

Product name:

5000mAhpower bank


Black / customize


93*63*12mm (credit card size)








Top Grade ALi PolymerRechargeable Battery

Battery Voltage

3.7V to4.35V



Frequency rate


conversion rate



Customize design NO MOQ


charging and discharging automatically


Yes, checking capacity when press it

LED indicator:

Four LED to show capacity


20-95 RH% (40℃)


Micro USB cable, user manual, power bank


iphone,Samsung, huawei, xiaomi, htc, vivo most smartphone, ipad


Gift box can be customized


  Shenzhen Lianguang Communication Technology CO.,LTD was established in 2012. We are high technology enterprise incorporating R&D production and sales of power bank, rechargeable aa batteries, quick charge 3.0 power bank, phone accessories etc.

We are service oriented organization which you can expect reliable and profession service. Your complete satisfaction is our priority. Whether you need 1piece customized power bank or 50000pieces xiaomi mi 5000 mah powerbank in bulk, your order will be met with the same attention to quality and service!

1.  Can I charge the power bank and at the same time plug my iphone to 1 of the usb ports in order to charge both devices simultaneously?

    A: Of course yes, the electricity current will pass through PCBA of power bank and charge your phone directly. If there is extra current, the power bank will be charged also. Anyway your phone will be first propriety.

2. Can it be charged from a regular outlet?

    A:    You can charge the power bank with the wall plug at home or computer/laptop output, the charging time will be different. If you use the laptop usb output will be slower.

3. Will the light stop blinking when fully charged?

    A:    yes, there are 4 battery indicators on the xiaomi mi 5000 mah powerbank, which represents the capacity of the power has 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%; if you are charging, other 3 lights are solid, 1 is blinking, means the battery has more than 75% of the capacity, only the last less than 25% to be fitting in; when you are using the power bank, only 1 battery indicator is blinking, means only 25% left.

4.  how do you charge the power bank if the power bank dies? Does it require a battery or something?

    A:   Please use the micro usb cable attached in the package (or any micro usb cable at hand) to charge the power bank micro head plugs to the power bank 2)usb head plugs to any wall charger/computer usb port, then you are charging the xiaomi mi 5000 mah powerbank.

5.  Where do I get an ac adaptor for this product?

    A:    Any USB port will work for this xiaomi mi 5000 mah powerbank, such as wall charger of your phone or computer laptop etc. However, you can buy wall charger from us also.

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