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Hulk Power Bank For Samsung S8

We manufacture of Hulk power bank for samsung s8. Shenzhen Lianguang Communication Technology CO.,LTD was established in 2012. We are high technology enterprise incorportating R&D production and sales of power bank, xiaomi mi power bank 5000mah, rechargeable aa batteries, quick charge xiaomi power bank 5000mah, wireless charger, iphone battery etc. Happy to receive your inquiry.

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Product Details

Hulk power bank for samsung s8


Unique: private tooling in China and creative design in Spain

Customize NO MOQ: our power bank for samsung s8 can be printed words company logo colorful design even photos of personalization without MOQ.

Universal: our power bank for samsung s8 are universal to all different brands smart phone and mobile devices

Soft surface: Eco friendly matte oil covering to our power bank leads to cute and soft feeling.

Various artwork: hundreds of high resolution design printed by UV printer are optional to you


Product name

5000mAh power bank


Black / customize


93*63*12mm (credit card size)








Top Grade A Li Polymer Rechargeable Battery

Life cycle

500 times

Battery Voltage

3.7V to 4.35V



Frequency rate


conversion rate



Customize design NO MOQ

  Shenzhen Lianguang Communication Technology CO.,LTD was established in 2012. We are high technology enterprise incorporating R&D production and sales of power bank, rechargeable aa batteries, quick charge 3.0 power bank, phone accessories etc.

As BSCI member, our factory covers more than 1550 square meters with about 82 employees who have good research for xiaomi mi power bank 5000mah, rechargeable batteries, designing for techniques, quality controlling and production. We have advanced manufacturing equipment and perfect quality protection system. Beside our "Smartoools" brand, we also have more than 5 years OEM and ODM order experience. Our factory is capable for monthly producing of 50 thousand pieces power bank and 0.3 million pieces rechargeable AA batteries.

1.What artwork requirements if customize design or logo?

A: Normally Ai, PSD or eps format documents are required. For logo printing or engraving on xiaomi mi 5000mah slim power bank, the logo image or text must be provided as a vector file which retains its high resolution.

2.What certification do you pass based on your power bank?

A: Most of our xiaomi mi 5000mah slim power bank was sold to Europe market and USA market. The main marketing channel is shopping mall and super markets, such as Media Markt, Dixson, Aldi. Such customers request very fastidious to our products. We must pass CE EMC FCC, Rohs Reach SCCP GS Phthalate certifications.

3.What materials of power bank can you offer?

A: Our products are mainly produced by PC or ABS materials, which are easily printed colorful design and logo customize.

4.Why not develop higher capacity power bank such as 20000mAh or over?

A: All our products are developed based on marketing analysis from customers. By our opinion, it is too heavy to carry xiaomi mi 5000mah slim power bank in bag. Our MC5 can charge your phone 1.5 times to 2 times, our MC10 Mobile power can charge your phone 3 times or 4 times. We think they are enough for most end users.

5.How can pay tax when buy your products?

A: We provide UPS or Shipping by sea or train based on the quantity of xiaomi mi power bank 5000mah. The freight forwarders whatever UPS or DHL will call you and charge Custom Tax when import to your country. After tax paid, they will deliver to your address.

Always feel cheated by selling power bank External battery? power bank External battery doubt to answer

Under the popularization of smartphones in these years, the basic power bank External battery has also become a man's essential items to go out. However, the author's side often complain about the small companion, why 10000 milliamperes charging Po Chong three thousand milliampell phone almost twice? Or power bank External battery why charging for a long time no more. Everyone feels deeply cheated by the store, but in fact most are not.

First, we need to popularize some little knowledge, the core components of the   power bank External battery is the battery cell, then the circuit optimization design.

There are two types of power bank batteries ,: 1, cylindrical, liquid, lithium-ion battery, 18650;

2, polymer. Polymer prices, in theory, the number of cycles more than the former 200-300 times it.

Finished the brand, then why we charge 10000mAh power bank universal for phone only three thousand milliampere phone? Here we have to mention the conversion rate of the problem. It should not be hard for us to understand that the charging of a rechargeable battery is definitely more costly than charging it directly with an adapter.

Let's make a analogy, the charging unit's capacity is milliampere when the common explanation of milliampere is 1w mA when charging treasure, if it discharges with 1A, it can discharge for ten hours (nominal 3.7v case, however The normal charge voltage is 5v). Generally good charging treasure, the conversion rate can only be between 80 to 90 percent, and then add the loss of the charging circuit and heat loss, eventually rushed to the phone, there are 60% to 70% is normal Case.

So to get a longer use of time, not only to choose a better brand of rechargeable treasure, not because of good brand batteries how good, but the circuit design optimization can increase the conversion rate of the battery, while reducing Energy loss. And then of course the big capacity is king. After all, now charge Bao fast charge rampant, greater fever and lower battery life, will affect the final actual use experience.

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