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Ultra Light Power Bank

We supply ultra light power bank. Established in 2012, our factory covers more than 1550 square meters, with about 82 employees who have good research for power banks, rechargeable batteries, design for techniques, quality controlling and production.Any questions about us, please kindly email to us!

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Product Details

ultra light power bank


Unique: beautiful design and scratch-proof printing process

Origin: our ultra light power bank is designed in Spain and made in China,

Capacity: MC2 ultra light power bank is built in 2600mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery 

Product name

2600mAh power bank


Black / white / customize


930*23.5*23.5mm (lipstick size)








Rechargeable Li Ion

Life cycle

500 times

Battery Voltage

3.7V to 4.2V




Reset when charge it

Work temperature


Environment temperature



20-95 RH% 40℃)

Shenzhen Lianguang Communication Technology Co., Ltd is specialized to producing of power bank, rechargeable battery and phone accessories. 

Most of our products are designed and developed by ourselves. Our Patented product: rechargeable battery which is World’s 1st Micro USB rechargeable AA and AAA battery, was awarded the Most Innovation Products in 2016 by China Daily during HK Fair. All our power bank have passed CE FCC Rohs, Reach, GS certification and so on. We have successfully entered into major market in UK, Spain, Poland, HK, UAE and Australia…

Q:How many production lines do you have?

A:Currently there are 3 productions lines in our factory and around 50 employees.

Q:How can pay tax when buy your products?

A:We provide UPS or Shipping by sea or train based on the quantity of your order. The freight forwarders whatever UPS or DHL will call you and charge Custom Tax when import to your country. After tax paid, they will deliver to your address.

Q:How many spare parts can you provide?

A:We normally provide some extra package boxes for replacement if any damage on the way.

Q:Are the power bank real capacity?

A:Yes, we 100% ensure real capacity of our power bank as advertised.

Q:OEM/ODM service provided?

A:Yes, in fact it is our core business. Our designers are ready to help you and our order fulfillment team are ready to your OEM order.

Six general election for power bank

1. Pre-purchase preparation, i.e. initial positioning of the capacity and brand.Before the choose and buy gift power bank, the first thing we want to combine their own needs to consider a few questions: what is specific purposes, is used in what occasion, is the need to short time of emergency, or as a long time to go out and set aside.If it is used for emergency recharging, you should choose a relatively small product, which is easy to carry, and can be connected to the phone while charging, but it is relatively small.If it is used for a long period of time, it will require some large-sized products, which are relatively bulky and not easy to carry.Of course, there are some medium and fashionable products, which may be a good choice to use on the subway or on the train home.

2. Selection of energy storage medium.The main electric core of the gift power bank is the nickel metal core, iron phosphate core, liquid lithium ion core, lithium polymer core.The main products sold in the market are the latter two electric cores, and you can't choose the products with the first two cores. The two kinds of core output are very inefficient and have no advantage. Do not purchase them.The liquid lithium ion core and the lithium polymer core are relatively efficient, especially the lithium polymer core has the characteristics of light weight and safety and efficiency compared with the liquid lithium ion core.

3. Determine the conversion rate.The conversion rate of the gift power bank is very important. If the conversion rate is too low, it indicates that the line loss of the mobile power supply will be large, and may be hot or even explosive.Can conversion rate of the mobile power supply model of evaluation, the AD if claim conversion rate as high as 90% above, are likely to be false, the overall conversion rate at about 85% of the product has a very good job.

4. Product compatibility.Mobile phones and other electronic products are diverse, circuit design and the interface is not nearly the same, the same gift power bank can't be suitable for all electronic products, so must clear before buying their own electronic products required interfaces, the information such as voltage, if you can try to counter of commissioning.The charging voltage current of the normal cell phone is 5V1A. If your phone is special, the interface should be confirmed with the merchant.

5. Accessories and additional functions of products.While the main function of gift power bank is to charge, some additional features will bring us more benefits.For example, there are multiple charging swims that can be extended to use a dual interface that can charge two electronic products at the same time, which can be used with LED lighting.Additional clear, some mobile power with solar charge function, this is actually a chicken ribs, because many users found that after using solar charger can't charge, basically time is too slow.

6. Product appearance and weight.Depending on the use situation, it is necessary to select the type of mobile power source.Simple emergency use should choose small mobile power, standby power supply capacity should be selected out of mobile power supply, the same function of the product, should try to select the product of light weight, convenient to carry.

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