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Iessentials 2600mAh Power Bank

We are factory of iessentials 2600mah power bank.Our factory is capable for monthly producing of 50 thousand pieces power bank and 0.3 million pieces rechargeable AA batteries, we service more than 780 distributors in China and hundreds of OEM power bank customers worldwide.We would be glad to receive your inquiry.

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iessentials 2600mah power bank


Our MC2 iessentials 2600mah power bank is designed by Spain artist and produced in China. This iessentials 2600mah power bank is built in top quality Li-Ion battery and full body is heat transfer printed by unique design. The surface is coated by rubber matte oil and smooth feeling when touch it.

Intelligence IC inside makes our iessentials 2600mah power bank smart and automatically charging your smartphone. There are four LED indicators on our corporate gifts, you can easily detect the iessentials 2600mah power bank when press the button.

Product name

2600mAh power bank


Black / white / customize


930*23.5*23.5mm (lipstick size)








Rechargeable Li Ion

Life cycle

500 times



LED indicator

Blue when discharging, red when charging



Frequency rate


Conversion rate


Shenzhen Lianguang Communication Technology Co., Ltd is specialized to producing of power bank, rechargeable battery and phone accessories. 

Most of our products are designed and developed by ourselves. Our Patented product: rechargeable battery which is World’s 1st Micro USB rechargeable AA and AAA battery, was awarded the Most Innovation Products in 2016 by China Daily during HK Fair. All our power bank have passed CE FCC Rohs, Reach, GS certification and so on. We have successfully entered into major market in UK, Spain, Poland, HK, UAE and Australia…

Q:What is common capacity in 18650 battery?

A:Commonly factory of batteries are always produced 2000mah, 2200mah, 2400mah and 2600mah Li Ion battery. However, some famous brands such as Samsung or Panasonic are supplying higher capacity, such as 2800mAh 3000mAh 3500mAh although they are higher cost.

Q:Can I apply to your branded distributer in my country?

A:Yes, we welcome more distributers to partner with us. Currently we have marketing partners in Spain, UK, Poland, Australia, Dubai, Kuwait etc. In China local markets, we assigned about more 80 distributors. Your trustable would be awarded cheaper price, fast delivery and more polices to support from us. Please contact us no hesitated.

Q:Is there any test before delivery

A:Yes, all our products will do two cycle life testing before shipment. QC will inspect outlook before packing.

Q:How many times can I charge my phone?

A:The recharging times to your mobile phone depends on the capacity of your battery (mAh) and the efficiency(it varies depending on the model of the mobile charger and the type of device).Normally 75% capacity of power bank can output to your phone because power lost by cable and PCBA.

Q:Can you use the phone while it is charging?

A:Yes, even keeps the battery going up when using intense apps. 

Mobile power bank selection review

From the internal structure of mobile power bank, it is mainly composed of lithium battery, protective circuit and PCB circuit board, and the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile power bank are also reflected in these two parts.From the point of view, the purpose of the main use is that storage capacity and provide power batteries, battery quality is hard to go to identify from the surface, no one can be certain between different brands of batteries will there is a huge quality difference, unless adopt prolonged cell aging test.And PCB's responsibility is larger, the circuit board is responsible for the actual conversion efficiency of mobile power bank, various protection mechanisms and output effect, can charge for the design of circuit board directly decides the mobile power bank quality of the output.So if a mobile power supply PCB circuit boards used the good workmanship and design, at the same time use the batteries is more outstanding, and has a solid protection circuit, then the quality of mobile power supply is secured.

Of course, consumers can't know what's going on inside the phone charger battery pack.Don't consider the capacity of mobile power supply, from the perspective of consumers, can simply think: a consistent battery can actual capacity and nominal capacity, high conversion efficiency at the same time, with all kinds of reasonable protection mechanism, aging and decay slower phone charger battery pack, is a good phone charger battery pack.

First, the core.Most are soft-pack lithium batteries and 18650.

Soft - pack lithium battery, also known as polymer core, as a kind of mushy battery, can be made into various shapes, so the industry is called soft bag.Its capacity is calculated by mathematical formula, and the soft bag in the market is more beautiful and rich.The safety factor is higher, but the probability of rising packets and burning is relatively high.

18650, liquid lithium battery, 18 and 65 indicate the size of the core, 0 indicates that it is cylindrical.Large capacity, up to 3000mAh, but there is a possibility of explosion and low safety factor.If the protective plate is attached, the probability of explosion will be greatly reduced.

Second, look at the protective panel.

The protection plate is designed to automatically adjust when the power is overcharged or discharging, and the charging function is turned off automatically when the power is full.The protection plate can also improve the conversion rate and reduce the influence of resistance on charging.

Third, appearance.

It is believed that appearance is one of the most important factors in purchasing mobile power.A stylish appearance can add a lot of fun.The higher the volume of the same volume, the smaller shape can highlight the portability of the mobile power supply and increase the availability.

Fourth, electrical parameters:

1. Charging voltage current: the charging voltage generally requires 5V, but universal mobile phone adapter.The theory of charging current is that the bigger the better, the faster the charging.Attention should be paid to heat problems.

2. Core capacity: the general core capacity is proportional to the volume, and the larger the volume, the larger the capacity.Choose a product with the same volume of volume as possible.3. Output voltage and output current: the output voltage must be required 5v. discharge current theory is also better and faster.Attention should be paid to heat problems and characteristics of digital products.

4. Protection parameters.It should have protective measures such as overpressure, overflow and underpressure.These parameters determine the charging speed of the mobile power source, the charging time and the safety of the use, which have a great relationship with daily use.

5. Select the core: the core is the most important part of the mobile power supply, and the quality of the core represents the quality of the mobile power products, so this is the first choice.Rechargeable lithium ion batteries have the several on the market, polymer batteries, batteries, aluminum shell, batteries, steel shell cylindrical metal case batteries (the most commonly used is 18650 cylindrical batteries), aluminum batteries are mainly used for mobile phone batteries, batteries steel shell is too low-level basic need not, is mainly used as mobile power polymer batteries and cylindrical batteries, relatively speaking, cylindrical batteries cost lower price, but the performance of polymer batteries will be better, capacity and discharge platform and is better than the cylindrical cycles, the most important thing is that security is better than cylindrical batteries, polymer batteries, polymer batteries is aluminous model membrane shell, no matter what circumstances are not exploded, and cylindrical batteries is the metal shell exploded once the charge and discharge is likely to be abnormal, the user's body damage.This, like the explosion of a cell phone battery, can't be eradicating. It can only reduce the probability of this happening.Therefore, it is best to choose the polymer core for mobile power supply, and there is no need to bring a mobile power source to risk the explosion.

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