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portable battery for iphone

We supply 1500mAh power bank for mobile phone backup charger portable battery for iphone samsung phone.Our factory is capable for monthly producing of 50 thousand pieces power bank and 0.3 million pieces rechargeable AA batteries, we service more than 780 distributors in China and hundreds of OEM power bank customers worldwide.We appreciate to your kindness reply.

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Product Introduction

Our MC2 phone backup charger is designed by Spain artist and produced in China. This phone backup charger is built in top quality Li-Ion battery and full body is heat transfer printed by unique design. The surface is coated by rubber matte oil and smooth feeling when touch it.

Intelligence IC inside makes our phone backup charger smart and automatically charging your smartphone. There are four LED indicators on our phone backup charger, you can easily detect the power capacity of battery when press the button.



Q:Can it charge a 12 inch macbook?
A:Sorry, our phone backup charger can only charge 5V devices. We guess your macbook request 12V or 19V voltage power.

Q:Will this power bank detect the power type of iPad or iPhone so it
adjusts automatically?
A:The USB port work automatically sense the devices charging capabilities.

Q:How many ports is it, and does it support quick charge?
A:The power bank has a input and a output to charge, it is support quick charge.

Q:Can I charge the power bank and at the same time plug my iphone to 1 of the usb ports in order to charge both devices simultaneously?
A:Of course yes, the electricity current will pass through PCBA of power bank and charge your phone directly. If there is extra current, the power bank will be charged also. Anyway your phone will be first propriety.

Q:Where do I get an ac adaptor for this product?
A:Any USB port will work for this product, such as wall charger of your phone or computer laptop etc. However, you can buy wall charger from us also.

Q:How many times this can be recharged?

A:Investing in a high-density Li-polymer, portable usb charger that retains over 75% of its capacity after 500 charge cycles.

Q:Will the power bank turn itself off once it's fully charged?

A:Yes, with the power bank it has installed over charge protection board, which means when the power bank is over charged, it will still keep safe.

Q:What materials of power bank can you offer?

A:Our products are mainly produced by PC or ABS materials, which are easily printed colorful design and logo customize.

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