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power bank for iphone 5s

We are manufacture of universal power bank 10000mah phone charge bank power bank for smartphone, We supply phone charge bank. At present, We specialized in power bank design and manufacture, also in power bank for smartphone, power bank and rechargeable batteries. Own many automatic production line of mobile power bank, and has obsorbed the advanced technology for mobile power bank design and assembly. We will be happy to customize your design.

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Product Details

Universal power bank 10000mah phone charge bank power bank for smartphone

Product Introduction
-Unique: private tooling in China and creative design in Spain
-Customize: our phone charge bank can be printed by logo design even personalization without MOQ.
-Surface: Eco friendly matte oil covering to our power bank for smartphone leads to cute and soft feeling.
-Various: hundreds of high resolution design by UV printer are optional to you





Packing & Shipping
1.Smartoools Brands package boxes or Neutral Gift box for your option, you can customize package with your own logo.
2.Normally 30 units power banks are loaded into one carton within 10KGS each carton. You can remark 20 units each carton also.
3.If you need faster delivery, we suggest UPS with 5 -7 days leadtime.


Q:How do you charge the power bank if the power bank dies? Does it require a battery or something?

A:Please use the micro usb cable attached in the package (or any micro usb cable at hand) to charge the power bank micro head plugs to the power bank 2)usb head plugs to any wall charger/computer usb port, then you are charging the power bank. 

Q:What is the voltage ranger for this devise, can I charge on European voltage?

A:It is charged to a USB cable it does not come with an adapter that plugs into the wall, you can use wall adapter to charge it.

Q:How can l charge the power bank?

A:Plugging the USB into your computer or wall adapter would be sufficient way to charge it. 

Q:Does it work with all devices?

A:It is compatible with all types of smart phone and tablets. Thanks to the 2.1A of output power, it integrates an automatic detection system providing a fasting high efficient charging method.

Facebook has map the population of 23 countries in incredible detail power bank

In its research into the best way to provide the internet to the entire world, Facebook has mapped where all 7.5billion people on the planet live. By combining government census data and satellite images along with some help from Facebook's image recognition neural network, the company can now locate every single man-made structure to within just five meters.

The mapping technology is being used to figure how to deliver internet to populations that currently don't have it or have poor connections to it. Along with ground networks, Facebook has determined that using dronesand satellites will be most effective in pushing connectivity further. CNBC reports that Facebook's head of strategic innovation partnerships and sourcing, Janna Lewis, said at the Space Technology and Investment Forum this week, "We're trying to connect people from the stratosphere and from space."

Around half of the over 500 US satellites orbiting around Earth were launched for commercial reasons and because of groups like SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit, launching satellites has never been cheaper. That makes the idea of a space-based internet delivery system a much more attainable reality than ever before. "Satellites are exciting for us. Our data showed the best way to connect cities is an internet in the sky," said Lewis.

While it has worked on generating its maps, Facebook's Connectivity Lab has released findings from the work. Last year, it released a dataset that included information on 23 countries. The team found that 99 percent of the population in those countries lived within 63 km of the nearest city. "Hence, if we are able to develop communication technologies that can bridge 63 km with sufficiently high data rates, we should be able to connect 99 percent of the population in these 23 countries," the Connectivity Lab's Tobias Tiecke wrote.

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