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power bank for iphone 5

We are manufacture of best small power bank 10000mah for iphone 5 power bank with led indicator and gift package, We supply power bank for iphone 5.At present, our company concentrates on power bank, rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, portable charger, etc series . We also take OEM, ODM orders from renowned companies at home and abroad.With a factory space of 2, 000 square meters, our company has over 82 employees, advanced development equipment and comprehensive test facilities.We are happy to cooperate with you.

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Best small power bank 10000mah for iphone 5 power bank with led indicator and gift package


Q:How about the order turnaround time?

A:It depends on your order quantity and requirement. Usually we can make shipment in 3-5 days after payment and delivery via curier took 3 -5 days. We also have plenty of stock for many models. Please check with our account manager for more details and mare sure your requirement can be met.

Q:Is there any problems with airport security or will I have to leave it at home?

A:Our power bank has been remarked clearly all features requested by airport security. Please do not worry to take it on hand. However, please do not leave it into luggage check-in. Airline staff will request you to take power bank together with yourself.

Q:Is this battery safe for air travel? Is it a lithium battery?

A:This is battery safety for air travel. It is a lithium battery.

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