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Power Bank

Mobile power is a portable charger that can be carried by individuals and can store electrical energy. It is mainly used for charging consumer electronic products such as wireless phones and laptops, such as handheld mobile devices, especially when there is no external power supply. Its main components include: a battery used for electrical energy storage, a circuit that stabilizes the output voltage, and most of the mobile power supplies have a charger that is used as a built-in battery for charging.
Working principle
The principle of the mobile power supply is simple. When the external power supply can be found, the built-in battery is pre-charged, that is, the input power is stored in advance in the form of chemical energy. When needed, the battery provides energy and generates electric energy to convert the voltage. The device (DC-DC converter) reaches the required voltage and is output from the output terminal (usually the USB interface) to supply the required equipment for power supply for charging or other purposes.
basic component
Mobile power has three basic functions, including energy storage, charging and power. Other functions, such as security protection, battery status detection and display, are added as needed for different designs, uses, and ease of operation.
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