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OEM Power Bank

It is divided into ordinary lithium battery core and high-grade lithium polymer battery core from the battery core. The advanced lithium polymer battery core has the characteristics of high energy, ultra-thin and light weight, but its price is high. The advantage of ordinary lithium batteries is that the development time is relatively long and the price is relatively cheap. The disadvantage is that it is bulky and heavy, has a short service life, and is easy to explode together. Therefore, it is recommended to select advanced lithium polymer batteries.
From the charging method, it is divided into linear and pulse charging treasure. The linear charging treasure uses the charging management chip to reduce the voltage, directly lowers the voltage to the pressure required by the battery, and performs current limiting, which has the characteristics of short time and high success rate. However, such a line is easily polarized, and the larger the current, the larger the polarization area, and the lower the capacity, and the battery becomes uncapable for a long time. Pulse charging treasure uses CMOS electronic switches to control the switching time and frequency for buck and constant current charging. But the line technology is quite complicated, usually there are four stages of process, it is recommended to use pulse charging treasure.
From the functional classification, there are two kinds of ordinary and intelligent, ordinary charging treasure can only charge and discharge, fixed output current, the function is relatively simple. The smart charging treasure can accurately display the power, and can automatically adjust the power according to the device, and can also adhere to the quality of the charging treasure, the arrival of the intelligent era, the charging treasure must be intelligent.
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