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Ultra Slim Power Bank 10000mAh

We are factory of ultra slim power bank 10000mAh. We hope to cooperate with you from sample order.

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Product Details

Ultra slim power bank 10000mAh


We are factory of ultra slim power bank 10000mAh. We hope to cooperate with you from sample order.

Product Description 

Dimension: 93*63*19m

Design and Logo: Welcome 

Battery type: Lithium-polymer battery 10000 mAh

Input(Micro USB): 5V 2A

Output(USB): 5V 2.1A

Materials: ABS/PC

Charging Time: 8 hours

Cycle time: more 500 times

Accessory: Micro USB (Optional) 

OEM/ODM: Welcome

Certificate: CE, ROHS, FCC


1. Using grade A Polymer power cell that make the power bank with long service life.

2. With various protections, such as over-voltage protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, voltage protection, Over-current protection, temperature protection,

overpower protection etc. 

3. Single port output 10000mah power bank with quicker.

4. Feel good and exquisite appearance,Long work life

5. Use green ABS/PC material with high durability


Q:How fast does it charge a phone from around 0 - 100?

A:Since it charges at an output of up to 2.1A, it will charge your phone at the same speed as the wall charger. Normally your phone will be charged 1% - 2% every min. 

Q:How many times this can be recharged?

A:Investing in a high-density Li-polymer, portable usb charger that retains over 75% of its capacity after 500 charge cycles.

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