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Cute Power Bank

How to choose a charging treasure?
1. Conversion rate: This is related to the capacity of the battery core. The capacity of the battery core is large, the conversion rate of the circuit board is low, and the capacity of the battery core is small, the conversion rate of the power board is high, and the number of charging times is high. The general conversion rate is about 85%. If the transfer rate is above 90%, it is falsely reported.
2. compatibility: It is recommended to choose a charging treasure with high compatibility, and it is necessary to choose the data cable with its own, avoid forgetting to bring the data cable.
3. charging method: pulse charging method has the advantages of large charging current, low temperature, long battery life, etc., to see if there is charging protection, so that it is safer to use.
4. Weight: The capacity and weight of the charging treasure are directly proportional to the larger the battery capacity. If you only charge once a day, it is recommended to choose 3000-5000 mAh charging treasure.
Disposal of used batteries
For mobile power that can no longer be used, contact the manufacturer for repair, or dispose of used mobile power in accordance with local environmental protection laws and relevant laws.
Remind everyone to pay attention: Do not disassemble the damaged mobile power supply by yourself. If the battery fluid sticks to your skin, rinse immediately with water and contact your doctor. It is easy to try to make a mobile power supply, which is very easy to cause an accident. It is not cheap to damage your health. You should buy a regular mobile phone from a regular manufacturer.
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