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USB Battery Power Bank

We are manufacture of USB battery power bank. We will reply to you if any questions.

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USB battery power bank

We are manufacture of USB battery power bank. We will reply to you if any questions.

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Special Designed for iPad2 /iPad, all iPhone versions, all iPod & iPod Touch versions, Motorola / HTC Android Phones, Blackberry,Kindle DX, Samsung Galaxy, Sony PSP & many others

High quality A-Grade Li-ion Battery cell battery ,over 500 times life cycle

Uilt-in proprietary software to control and regulate temperature, voltage and current

Multiple protection ,safe and high efficiency

Clear & simple design ,mobile and portabl

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Our advantages:

1. Customized packing and customer's logo  are accepted.

2. Sample order is welcome.

3. Accept various transportation ways. like by express, by sea, by air and also  specified freight company.

4. Professional factory directly sale all over the wrold. we can produce various capacity mobile power bank according to customer's requirements. 

New power bank activation charging considerations

Due to the nature of Charging Po, it has almost no memory effect. Therefore, the user is in charge of treasure in the activation process, there is no need for special methods and equipment. Not only is it theoretically true, from my own point of view, it is best to charge this "natural activation" method from the very beginning with standard methods.

     The charging of the "activation" issue, many say is: charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times in order to activate the battery. This "the first three charges to charge more than 12 hours," saying Charging Po polymer lithium batteries and lithium-ion battery charge and discharge characteristics are very different, and can tell you very clearly, I have reviewed all the serious The official technical information have stressed that overcharge and overcharge will charge Po, especially liquid lithium-ion battery caused great harm. Therefore, the best charge according to standard time and standard method of charging, especially not for more than 12 hours of long charging. In general, the charging method described on the phone's manual is a standard charging method suitable for the phone.

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