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Universal External Power Bank

We are manufacture of universal external power bank. We will provide best service to you no matter sample or mass order.

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Product Details

Universal external power bank

We are manufacture of universal external power bank. We will provide best service to you no matter sample or mass order.


Unique Design And Style Elegant: Human engineering design and smoothly surface will bring you the comfortable handle.

Portable And Small Size: Convenience for travelling and easily to be used.

Widely Using and High Compatible: Mobile phones, iPods, iPhones, MP3/MP4 players, NDS, PSP, GPS, PDA, etc.

Great-looking: Suitable for using in any situation.

After-sale Service: 12 Months Quality Warranty

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Our Service

1. Reply your inquiry in 24 hour

2. Offer customer the lowest price with high quality

3. Customized design is available. OEM and ODM are welcomed

4. Delivery the goods to our customer all over the world with speed and precision

Power bank standard and safe use of skills

1, Do not charge for a long time

    Charging is best not to charge for a long time, charge a good estimate before the time, control the charging time, set an alarm clock for your cell phone, a few hours after charging, ring to remind myself to reduce the explosion.

    2, To avoid sun exposure

    Charging treasure must be placed in a ventilated and dry place, do not use and save in overheated, humid environment. Do not touch the fire, do not in the sun exposure, some very harsh environment, please avoid.

    3, Choose the charger is the key

    Do not buy some cheap but large capacity charger, the quality can not be guaranteed. To some high-quality charger provider official website, or flagship store to buy regular charger, you pay for, and the quality is guaranteed.

    4, Abnormal throwing throwing

    Pay more attention to the appearance of the rechargeable treasure in normal times, if there are some abnormalities, please do not use it again, immediately replace, the throw to throw, there is drumming phenomenon, it is best to immediately change a new one.

    5, To avoid stress

    Usually the charger is better, do not deal with it in a brutal way, usually pay attention not to stress, throwing throw, strong vibration, so as not to let it appear in the charging short circuit burned detonated danger.

    6, To avoid frequent use

    Do not use the charging treasure too often, charging too often. Too often it will shorten the life of the rechargeable treasure, and will increase the risk of danger.

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