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Power Bank For Phone Charging

We are factory of power bank for phone charging. We will provide best service to you no matter sample or mass order.

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Product Details

Power bank for phone charging

We are factory of power bank for phone charging. We will provide best service to you no matter sample or mass order.

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Outstanding Features:

1. Short Circuit Protection

2. Over-charge Protection

3. Over Discharge Protection

4. Over Voltage Protection

5. Over-current Protection

6. Rechargeable time:≥ 500 times 100%capacity


1 year  warranty

Payment Method 

30% deposit ,shall pay the balance payment before

shipping.For bulk order,accept  T/T, Paypal, etc

Shipping Methods  

DHL,UPS,FEDEX,EMS,TNT, by air ,by sea etc.

How much capacity generally need to charge the power bank?

Large capacity may not be suitable

If the capacity is too large, the time to charge the rechargeable treasure must increase, if the long-term use of electricity will be part of the loss; if not used for too long, the amount of power will damage the rechargeable treasure, in addition, the greater the capacity of the larger virtual standard, So do not choose the largest, to choose the most suitable.

How to choose the size of the capacity?

First, according to the number of charging to choose:

Let's look at a formula: Charging times = Charging capacity x Conversion efficiency / Cell phone battery capacity

If you do not often go out, there are often rechargeable power supply, it is recommended to choose 2-3 times; selection of small capacity suitable; if you often go out, you need to choose the number of charging more about 4-5 times, the election capacity Suitable

Second, click on the phone battery capacity to select

The general choice of rechargeable treasure capacity is 1.94 times the mobile phone charging capacity or slightly larger, but also can be appropriate larger, according to demand to choose;

Third, according to carry convenience to choose

Mobile charging treasure generally choose 5000-10000 capacity more appropriate, and then the big point of your price, weight and volume are also large, is not very convenient to carry.

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