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Portable Power Bank USB

We supply portable power bank USB. We are glad if any interest to us, welcome to contact us!

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Portable power bank USB

We supply portable power bank USB. We are glad if any interest to us, welcome to contact us!


1.Fashionable and new products


3.Charged intelligently

4.Load recognized automatically

5.Multiple safety protection cirfuit program

6.With overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and circuit protection function.

power bank.jpg

Method of utilization of power bank 

1. Confirm the voltage for respective information.

2. Connect the charger and your device with a matching cable. 


1.Prohibit short circuit,decomposition,and into the fire.

2.Avoid using this product near wet or high temperature areas. 

3. Keep this product away from children and infants.

4. Do not modify or disassemble this product.


Q:Is it true that branded power bank will never explode and generic power bank will explode?

A:Any wrong operation leads to battery such as short circuit, over heating would be danger to explode, no matter brands or generic power bank. Good quality and strictly quality control would be vital to safety products.

Q:When can I get the quotation?

A:You can get our quotation in 12 -24 hours if we receive your detail demand. Our sales would contact you if any questions or feedback from you.

Q:What do you need if I want to print my own logo?

A:Firstly, please send us your logo file in high resolution. We will make some drafts for your reference to confirm the position and size of logo. Next we will produce 1-2 samples for double check. Finally the formal production will start after sample confirmed.

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