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Cell Phone Power Bank Portable Charger

We supply cell phone power bank portable charger. We hope to establish long term partnership with you.

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Product Details

Cell phone power bank portable charger

We supply cell phone power bank portable charger. We hope to establish long term partnership with you.

Name:Cell phone power bank portable charger

Model:MC5 5000mah power bank


BatteryPolymer lithium

Efficiency :>75%

Type :USB Universal Portable Power bank

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1. We can provide you perfect quality products with factory price .

2. We will reply to your enquiry within 24hours.

3. Patient and professinal sales team .

4. We can help you to develop your own brand, OEM/ODM are welcome

5. We have more than 6 years experience in this filed.

6. Any questions please kindly let me know.

7. Warranty: 12 months.

Clip power bank, it will not hurt the phone battery?

Nowadays, the charging treasure is developing towards "large capacity, small size and fast speed" in order to keep up with the requirements of the times. Of course, sometimes we have an awkward scene with a charging treasure without a charging cable. Therefore, Was born a can let us get rid of "line system" clip charging treasure.

Back clip charging treasure is also called "back clip battery", "external battery", "digital charging companion", in simple terms, is a mobile phone case with charging function. From the mobile phone sets, it is really custom, but from the point of view for the phone charging, it is not very good, this Xiaobian believe that people who used the clip-charging treasure deep understanding.

Let me talk about customization, the current charge clip on the market mainly to the main iPhone, because of its swept the world as a smart phone, battery life has become a criticism, which for all day long phone line of business or like all day open black Of the players, really painful, and the need to reprovision the data line or adapter, easy to be forgotten.

In view of this situation on the market for Apple's clip more and more charging treasure, the brand is also more and more complex, but the real MFI certified Apple's license is very few brands, the price is really high unacceptable, Therefore, a treasure on the sale of the clip-charging treasure basic belong to the cottage goods, as long as the upgrade of an Apple system, charging treasure is not bad also can not use, how can it be called customized?

Look at the volume, the business played by the ultra-thin, ultra-light, really portable, well, Xiaobian only recognize it as a portable, without data cable is indeed very convenient, but the so-called light is really nonsense, loaded up effect Really thin iPhone bloated three circles! And because of the increase in the thickness of the phone itself, leading to slow cell phone cooling, affecting cell phone battery life.

Xiao Bian think, if you really want to find a custom charging treasure for your iPhone7, you can consider the next mini-charge treasure, as can be seen from the above, the clip charging treasure is customized for the phone model, if family, friends The phone is dead, and your treasure can not be used, it really makes people feel tired. In addition, the clip charging treasure generally small capacity, a full charge iPhone7, otherwise, it is not bloated three laps, you know, that weight, long-term in the hands, really is not too "light."

For mini-charge treasure, recently sold in the Internet is a hot charging treasure in Xiaobian seems good, that is, you want the big, the same volume to achieve the maximum capacity of 3350mah, but also you want the small, only Snickers the size, and you want fast, support iPhone7 fast charge, "5V 2A" stable output, a full charge of full iPhone7, optional Apple official MFI certified adapter, so that the real custom, starting from the content .

Binder Charging treasure seems to be customized for Apple, but the original slim body like bloated tile, but also easy to affect the phone signal, the interface without Apple's official MFI certification, as long as the Apple system upgrade can not be used, only support "5V 1A" slow charge, but also affect the phone signal. In contrast, Mini Charging treasure a lot of places, small and portable, charging faster than the original charger, the color value and the Apple mobile is very take, no wonder in just a short time to become high-end rechargeable treasure market sales first. For fruit powder, it is a good time to start.

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