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Battery Power Bank For Mobile

We are factory of battery power bank for mobile. We hope to establish long term partnership with you.

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Product Details

Battery power bank for mobile

We are factory of battery power bank for mobile. We hope to establish long term partnership with you.

Description of goods

Function of the goods: Portable power charger

Portable power charger could charge the digital products, like MP3/4, Mobile phone, Camera, Ipad, PSP, etc

The product with build in 5000mA Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, could be recharged up to 500 times. Charging time about 4 hours.

It could be a GIFT item, we could printing you logo on the product and the gift box


1. 5000mA high capacity can offer phone enough power. anywhere, it can be used to charge equipment in time in using

2. Applied to cellphone, IPOD, MP3, MP4, IPHONE, GPS, Bluetooth, digital camera

3. it is easy to connect by using USB cable to connect charger and equipment

4. Safe and Reliable, adopting Voltage protection system to avoid short circuit and auto off

5. Long lifespan, recharging for over 500 times

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Cell phone no electricity to take two steps: 

A new device may allow you to take energy out of natural motion and use it to charge your smartphone. Developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the system uses mechanical energy to generate voltage and generate electricity only with a little bending. Its size and inherent flexibility may be applied in wearable smart devices and other electronic products in the future.

    According to MIT News, the researchers said the system is capable of cheap, mass production. The electrochemical technology used in this bendable device has a similar working principle as a cell or fuel cell.

Cell phone no electricity to take two steps: from the human body, "Charging treasure"

    Researchers sandwiched liquid-electrolyte-laden polymers between lithium alloys as electrode materials. When lithium alloys are stressed and bent, lithium ions will cross the polymer and create voltages and currents that can be used in electrical equipment.

    If you put a little weight on one side of the device, it will bend as people walk and other daily activities. So far, the efficiency of the first generation model is as high as 15%. However, researchers say the process of converting mechanical energy to electrical energy will be when the device is in optimal working condition.

    In an interview, Professor M Li from MIT said that the device is not limited by the second law of thermodynamics, so in principle it can achieve efficiencies of up to 100%

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