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Credit Card Power Bank

Safe mobile power, first of all, this brand of mobile power is all polymer batteries. In terms of safety, this brand of mobile power adopts intelligent output current design, unique automatic identification USB technology, automatically matching the best charging current, safe Does not hurt the phone, and facilitates the user's charging operation. The intelligent power circuit is designed inside the mobile power supply to provide over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, over-power protection, and temperature protection. The seven-fold safety protection makes daily use more secure.
  Secondly, the conversion rate of mobile power is up to 90%. The increase of the energy output ratio of mobile power has been a technical problem that has plagued the industry. Jiubang has increased this value to 90%. Compared with the ordinary brand, it has increased by 20%, that is, if the marked 10000 mA is taken as an example, it can get 2000 mAh more than others, and it can charge more than one phone for the mobile phone.
  Not only that, the safe mobile power supply uses polymer batteries inside, the quality is relatively light, and it can be compatible with most handheld digital devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. The portability is relatively good, and the charging becomes more convenient, which ensures the users. Everyday charging is required.
  Nowadays, for the younger generation, the appearance is also a necessary factor for everyone to choose a mobile power supply, especially some more fashionable friends, often have their own style for the appearance! And mobile power is the item we carry with us, the appearance is even more important. Choosing a stylish, beautifully designed mobile power source can also attract the attention of others and give your impression.
  The design of the secure mobile power supply is very stylish, young and dynamic, not only in a variety of colors, but also because most of the power supplies are light and easy to carry.
The Liang is is one of Credit Card Power Bank excellent manufacturers and suppliers. Because of its own mass production, the price is very favorable. The gifts are OEM-customized, completely promotional.
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