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Cool Power Bank

Product Introduction
-Unique: patently design in Spain and privately module tooling in China
-OEM: our battery operated phone charger can be printed your logo.
-Surface: colorful heat transfer printing and smoothly uv oil can be applied to our battery operated phone charger
-Cheap: lower cost of our battery operated phone charger can meet your promotional order in bulk..
-Portable: Credit Card size and external power bank
-Safe: we use Grade A New battery 10000mAh capacity Li Polymer to power bank life over 500 cycles.
Eco Friendly: recycle material are used to products and boxes, which meet the request of RoHS Reach, WEEE, Phthalate certification.
After analysis marketing trend of electronics products, we decided to tool New Credit Card size phone charger bank with cool design.
Super soft matte oil coated to body of charger power makes our product cute and better feeling when touching it. Different package box is matched to different design, which provides unique appearance to high level customers.
Popular design and gift boxes are presented to end users or promotional customers for amazing shock when first eyes to see it.
Lianguang is one of Cool Power Bank excellent manufacturers and suppliers. Because of its own mass production, the price is very favorable. The gifts are OEM-customized, completely promotional.
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