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5000mAh Power Bank For iPhone 8plus

We are manufacture of 5000mAh power bank for iphone 8plus. Our power bank and rechargeable batteries advantages, Certified by: GS,BSCI,TUV Number of employees:Over 82 Customer support team:Professional R&D team,Technology team,Oversea sales team,After-sale service team Certification for our power bank:ROHS,CE,FCC,UL,UN38.3,EMC,ad TUV/BV certification Safety:cooperate with China Life Insurance Property Company for the quality of our battery products,avoid all risks for our customers Capacity:Over 10000sets/day. OEM order will be welcome!

Product Details

5000mAh power bank for iphone 8plus 

We are manufacture of 5000mAh power bank for iphone 8plus.

Beside our SMARTOOOLS sell more than 100 kinds of design on offer. Our extensive catalog ranges from 5000mAh power bank for iphone 8plus and rechargeable batteries. We offer ODM services for more than 50 clients; all of them satisfied. Our talent engineers are here to work with you to develop new products, especially those with special functions. We can get a sample ready in just five to seven days. OEM orders are also welcome. 

OEM order will be welcome!

power bank.jpg5000mAh power bank for iphone 8plus-2.jpg

 Product Specifications:                                                                                                               

1. Stylish and sophisticated

2.USB port output, plug and play

3. A product safe and secure Polymer battery

4. With sufficient capacity, the number of high-cycle charging characteristics

5. Product internal intelligent control circuit of multiple protection (charge control, charge protection. Discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection) to solve your use of the products to worry about

6. Shell is good feel

7. Compatibility, cost-effective, anytime, anywhere for the market a variety of brands of mobile phones, MP3, MP4 and other portable digital products, power supply or charge, a multi-purpose machine, save money and save time

8. Small size, beautiful shape and stylish, luxurious appearance generous, compact, work excellence, elegant fashion, easy to carry out


Q:Why not develop higher capacity power bank such as 20000mAh or over?

A:All our products are developed based on marketing analysis from customers. By our opinion, it is too heavy to carry 20000mah power bank in bag. Our MC5 can charge your phone 1.5 times to 2 times, our MC10 Mobile power can charge your phone 3 times or 4 times. We think they are enough for most end users.

Q:How can I get cheaper price?

A:We would cooperate with you to win more order through lower price. Your order in bulk and payment on time will be appreciated by us. We would like offer best price to our long-time and reliable partners.

Q:When can I get the quotation?

A:You can get our quotation in 12 -24 hours if we receive your detail demand. Our sales would contact you if any questions or feedback from you.

Q:Can I apply to your branded distributer in my country?

A:Yes, we welcome more distributers to partner with us. Currently we have marketing partners in Spain, UK, Poland, Australia, Dubai, Kuwait etc. In China local markets, we assigned about more 80 distributors. Your trustable would be awarded cheaper price, fast delivery and more polices to support from us. Please contact us no hesitated.

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