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Phone Battery

The mobile phone battery is an energy storage tool that provides power for the mobile phone. It consists of three parts: the battery core, the protection circuit and the outer casing. The mobile phone battery generally uses a lithium battery and a nickel hydrogen battery. Under normal use conditions and no serious impact, the mobile phone manufacturer should set the age of 5 years. In humid and rainy areas, it may affect the life of the mobile phone.
The service life of a mobile phone battery is related to the quality of the battery and the number of times of charging. Generally, it can be charged at least 500 times.
Maintenance knowledge
1. The charging time of the battery does not have to be too long, and it can be removed when it is full.
2. It is best to use only the original charger of the manufacturer when purchasing the machine.
3. The contacts of the battery are not in contact with metal or oily parts, pay attention to moisture.
4. Do not immerse the battery in water or throw it in a fire.
5. Do not place the battery near low temperature or high temperature objects such as refrigerators and stoves.
6. When handling batteries, use special facilities.
7. If you need to change the battery, please use only the battery type of the same specification.
8. Battery life is calculated according to the charge and discharge cycle
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