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Power Bank 5000mAh

Mobile Power A portable charger that combines power and charging functions to charge or standby power to digital devices such as mobile phones. Generally, lithium batteries (or dry batteries, less common) are used as power storage units, which are convenient and quick to use.
The benefits of mobile power are as follows:
1. When you go out, you can charge your phone without plugging it in.
2. Small size, easy to carry, can be carried with the sound.
3. Can charge a lot of electronic products in a timely manner, such as mobile phones, handheld computers, digital cameras and so on.
4. Under normal charging environment, the test results show that the mobile power supply is safer than the general charger.
To use mobile power products to charge digital products, be sure to pay attention to the following issues:
1. The output voltage of the mobile power supply must be within the range of 5±0.5V, otherwise it will not be able to charge some brand mobile phones;
2. To charge iPAD or Samsung tablet computer, you must select mobile power with 5V/2A output. Using mobile power output below 2A will cause the problem of short charge and short use time after charging.
3. The transfer joint must be matched. The principle of using the mobile power product is to charge the digital device through the USB cable. The end of the cable with the USB interface is connected to the mobile power product, and the other end is connected to the digital device, so the interface at the other end is Must be consistent with the interface of the digital device, otherwise it can not be charged. The internal resistance of the other USB cable should not be too large. If the normal standard is exceeded, the charging time will be too long or the charging will fail.
4. Can not be thrown and tapped mobile power with rough use. Rough use can damage internal boards and precision machinery.
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