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Power Bank 1500mAh

A charging treasure refers to a device that can directly charge a mobile device and has its own storage unit. At present, the main category of multi-function charging treasures in the market, the basic USB output is basically configured to meet the common mobile device mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP, Bluetooth headset, digital camera and other digital products.
Charging treasure is actually a large-capacity portable power source that is easy to carry. It is a portable device that integrates storage, boosting and charging management.
Charging treasure's own charging plug can directly charge the mobile device through the AC power supply and has its own storage device, which is equivalent to a mixture of a charger and a backup battery, which can simplify the device of one charging plug compared to the backup power source. It has its own storage device than the charger, which can provide backup power to digital products when there is no direct power or going out.
1. Do not adjust the output voltage to be higher than the voltage of the device. Otherwise, the device may be damaged. Please make sure it is clear before use.
2. Please use the specified charger;
3. prohibit short circuit, decomposition and thrown into the fire;
4. It is not allowed to disassemble the charger and battery to modify it;
5. pay attention to moisture and waterproof;
6. Please put this product in good condition when you are idle, so as to avoid children playing as toys.
Lianguang is one of Power Bank 1500mAh excellent manufacturers and suppliers. Because of its own mass production, the price is very favorable. The gifts are OEM-customized, completely promotional.
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