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Will NiMH Batteries Dominate The Battery Industry?

According to industry insiders in the battery industry, the new energy power in the next three or five years is a power cell development of the transition period, NiMH batteries will be in the new Energy power product phase of a large number of applications.
Lithium batteries have been welcomed by the industry for some time in the battery industry, but at present, China's lithium batteries used in the practical core technology is missing, domestic enterprises have mostly limited to the monomer lithium batteries and other low-end capacity, because of its safety performance is not very good, the price in the battery material inside relatively high, in the new energy battery application is not applicable.
New energy battery early development, most enterprises are the use of high cost, poor safety of lithium cobalt cathode material field, the promotion of a small range, and high technology, good performance of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, because the price is too high, popularization applicable to the electric industry or more difficult.
In contrast, Ni-MH battery because of its own low prices, large current, good security and other characteristics of the market application. Data show that the current global nickel-hydrogen hybrid car tatsu millions of, and lithium-ion car production is very small, more of a demonstration role.
The industry is bullish on lithium, but because of its own core technology deficiencies, security risks, such as the existence of hidden worries, in a short period of time without technological breakthroughs can not be a new energy power mainstream.
Ni-MH battery Manufacturers in the current situation, should be clear about the application of China's power battery industry needs, with foreign data show that more than 90% of the car battery market for nickel-hydrogen battery control, nickel-hydrogen battery performance is stable, mature technology and has been achieved industrialization, in the near future is slowly transforming into the direction of domestic new energy development. Technological innovation has become more and more rapid, the future of the electric industry will not be a nickel-hydrogen battery-led, it is necessary to see the power battery market itself development law decided.

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