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What Will Be The Market Development After Ni-MH Battery?

NiMH batteries are widely used in life, in addition to the earliest small electronic consumer batteries and adapter batteries, due to their own stability and safety, after further development of the NI-MH battery, used in the electric vehicle industry.
NiMH batteries can also be described as cylindrical nickel-hydrogen batteries, the production technology is more mature, but industry insiders predict that 5 years later, NiMH batteries will gradually be replaced by lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells. In the future, lithium-ion batteries will be in the world with nickel-hydrogen batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.
Lithium has special physical and electrochemical properties such as low density and high specific energy, and lithium-series materials are ideal electrode materials for batteries. Manganese series Lithium-ion batteries have high voltage and high energy density, excellent discharge performance, even after a long period of discharge, it still maintains a stable operating voltage, superior temperature characteristics, good leak-proof performance, with long life of the working characteristics, in the international leading automotive manufacturers on the power lithium battery than the selection has been widely recognized. Li-Ion battery has a broader development space both in its own advantage and in national policy support.
China has become one of the world's largest automobile production and consumption countries, facing the serious challenge of energy saving and emission reduction. With the rapid growth of car ownership, oil consumption has entered a period of rapid growth, the energy situation is increasingly grim. In order to make the fuel economy of passenger car in 2020 to reach the international level, the average fuel consumption should be reduced to 5 liters/km, the use of hybrid power as the representative of the major automotive energy-saving technology is imperative. At the same time, "Twelve-Five" planning also actively advocated energy saving and emission reduction of low-carbon environment. 2011, the formation of 500,000 pure electric, rechargeable hybrid and general hybrid power and other new energy vehicles capacity, new energy vehicles sales accounted for 5% of passenger cars.
Battery is to promote the soul of electric vehicles, the current car factory used batteries for lithium-ion batteries, the battery with high battery voltage, charge and discharge life long, no memory effect, no pollution and fast charging advantage characteristics, is a new generation of rechargeable battery system.

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