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The Moderation Of Cell Phone Batteries

Cell phone inside the square-type battery is lithium-ion battery, which is a replacement of NIMH battery after the new rechargeable battery, in a form of expression, lithium-ion battery more balanced, according to the Chinese culture of the point of view is to obey the golden mean.
Gizmodo, a well-known foreign technology website, shares the secret of how to make lithium battery life longer, which is the affirmation of the doctrine of moderation. For the time being, Eric Limer, the author, criticized the 12-hour theory of the first use of a new lithium-ion battery, which he believed was a nickel-hydrogen battery. For lithium-ion battery face, 100% of the full power or no electricity is not scientific, as far as these two cases continue to charge or continue to not charge is more scientific.
Eric Limer First criticized the overcharge behavior, he pointed out in the article, if the battery is full after charging still continue to charge, such as plug in the charger to go to sleep, will cause a little battery function decline, long-term accumulation will have a noticeable impact. Eric Limer believes that although most lithium battery chargers are now able to stop charging automatically after the battery is full, because some chargers do not have this intelligent function, some chargers will function after a long period of use, so they should be taken down immediately after the battery is full. This will not be wrong, you can not put on the charger before going to bed to think that the end of the day.
Even more serious than overcharge, Eric Limer thinks this is more critical, if you want to prolong battery life, it's best not to let the battery run out of power, or even to make it less than 20%. Lithium battery If no electricity, and after a long time to place no charge, very likely because of low voltage, resulting in premature battery scrap. Even though it is not sufficient, it is desirable to maintain the battery charge at 40% to 80%.
The smartphone's monomer lithium-ion battery is 3.7v battery, sometimes, the temperature caused by the loss of electricity is also not to be underestimated, the battery at 0 degrees Celsius, the annual reduction of 6% of the maximum storage capacity, the amount of wear and tear increases as the temperature increases. When the battery is at 25 degrees Celsius, it consumes 20% a year, and when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, the depletion increases to 35%. It is a good way to prolong battery life by keeping the phone away from heat and not being directly irradiated by the sun in the car.

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