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The Application Prospect Of Energy Storage Technology Is Wide

Energy storage is an essential support technology for smart grid, renewable energy access, distributed power generation, Micro grid and electric vehicle development, can effectively realize demand side management, eliminate day and night Peak Valley difference, smooth load, can improve the operation efficiency of power equipment, reduce the cost of power supply, but also as a way to promote the application of renewable energy, improve the stability of the power grid, adjust the frequency and compensate the load fluctuation. The construction of Smart Grid promotes the upgrading of energy storage technology, the rapid growth of energy storage demand, especially the large-scale storage capacity, and thus brings the corresponding investment opportunities.

With the application of energy storage technology, the traditional power system design, planning, dispatching and control will bring about change. Energy storage technology is related to the national economy, with more and more important economic value and social value. The State should study the relevant industrial standards of energy storage technology as soon as possible, we will strengthen the input of basic research on energy storage technology, encourage technology innovation and grasp the independent intellectual property rights; From the initial stage of the development of scale storage and energy technology, we should pay attention to environmental factors, prevent environmental pollution, give full play to the role of energy storage in the area of conservation and emission reduction, and extend

In recent years, the peak-valley difference of China's power grid has increased year by decade, and the peak load of most power grids has increased by about 10% or even higher. The bottom load grew at 5% or less. The increasing amplitude of peak-valley difference is greater than that of load, and the introduction of energy storage system into power grid is the urgent demand of power grid peaking.

Energy storage technology has a wide range of application prospects, but the realization of large-scale storage is still a worldwide problem. At present, there are about 40 energy storage demonstration projects in our country, and there are few projects of scale at level 1000-kilowatt. Many of these energy storage projects to demonstrate, exploratory role, does not have the significance of industrialization.

Development opportunity of energy storage industry

Because of the large distance between the energy center and the Power Load center, the power system has been following the development direction of the big power grid and the big motor, according to the centralized transmission and distribution mode, with the rapid development of renewable energy power generation and the continuous improvement of the society's demand for power quality, the energy storage technology has The main applications of energy storage technology are: The local area network composed of wind power generation and PV system, used for power supply, factories and office buildings in remote areas; As an uninterruptible power supply and emergency power system, the grid-connected power quality adjustment of wind power and photovoltaic system, as a large-scale power storage and load regulation method, electric vehicle energy storage device and a large back-up power supply for the national important department. With the continuous progress of energy storage technology, good security, high efficiency, clean and environmental protection, long life, low cost, energy density of large storage technology will continue to emerge, will lead to the rapid development of the entire industry chain of power industry, creating a huge

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