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Several Ways Of Charging Wrong

iphone for everyone, the most familiar, almost every time on the iphone, and the way the iphone phone charging, I believe that everyone is very familiar with, and even most people will charge every day, the charge of many people sometimes need a day.

But the right way to charge the iphone, many people still don't know, most of the people will make mistakes, think that as long as it can be recharged, but in fact, these wrong charging methods, often is very hurt the iphone built-in lithium battery! Today's little series to list these wrong charging methods, I hope to have a reminder of the role!

First: With a set of charges!
Many people use the iphone in order to protect the iphone, but during the charging process, the iphone itself is in a hot state, especially in the summer, such as the high temperature, the iphone will become very hot during the long period of charging, there is no good timely heat dissipation, the iphone lithium battery damage is very large, and may even appear overheating explosions!

The second: iphone battery is over or overcharge!
In the past NiMH battery era, we all remember in order to better improve the battery capacity, must be after the battery discharge after charging, and once the charge, must be full of electricity, and now the iphone is already lithium-ion battery era, different core media, for the charging principle is also different, the iphone lithium battery is the most afraid of excessive discharge, or excessive charging situation, users can at any time for the iphone to charge, But do not wait for electricity when the recharge, also don't full of electricity, still not unplug!

Third Kind: The iphone side charge, while playing the handset!
A lot of people in the mobile phone is almost no electricity, will be playing mobile phone side charge, but in fact, this kind of charging is very damaging lithium battery, not only will let the phone in the charging process become more hot, but also increase the radiation power, on the phone, the body is unhealthy!

Fourth kind: Multi-equipment at the same time charge!
Now there is a large number of USB interface devices on the market, can be at the same time for a variety of devices to charge, it seems very convenient, but because the market peripheral products, quality of the mixed, a lot of USB devices, the voltage and current is very unstable, so when your iphone in this environment for a long time to charge, for the iphone lithium battery, very harmful!

Fifth kind: Back clamp lithium battery charge!
The iphone is often built with small lithium-ion batteries, so the life-time performance is very poor, and the market has a lot of manufacturers, the production of various types of back-clamp lithium batteries, users only need to put the back-clamp lithium battery On the phone, you can extend the iphone life time, but this kind of lithium battery is almost always charging state, coupled with poor thermal performance, for the iphone more damage!

Sixth: Use of a motley iphone charger, data cable
Because the iphone original charger and data cable are very expensive, so many people in the life, will buy the original iphone charger and data line to charge, these non original products are often unreliable quality, and rated output current and rated output voltage is also very unstable, so for the iphone phone damage is very big!

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