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OEM POWER BANK Fluffy House Card Power Bank Retailing Now

OEM POWER BANK Fluffy House Card power bank on SELL now

We are glad to say that our new customer(Fluffy House) starts to sell co-brand power bank in their retail shops all over China!  Fans can find our products in more than 60 retail shops of Fluffy house.There are a lot of popular toy brands around the world, which take you to another interesting world. Many well-known designer brands from Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe and other places, such as Molly, Fluffy, LABUBU, son, sister cup head, multi LEGO, multi card, card and other well-known fashion toys, large children, children are able to find your own fun!

Beijing Pop Mart cultural creative Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 870578) is set the trend of retail, artists brokerage, new media entertainment platform and large-scale exhibition held in one of the IP integrated service group, the sale of goods including independent development of domestic and international well-known brand products, including the trend of the two dimension, toys, powerbank, dolls, around BJD more than one category of IP derivatives. Currently in Beijing, Shanghai and other second tier cities in the high-end shopping center, has nearly 60 Direct stores, and opened online flagship store in Tmall platform. As one of the domestic and the world's largest toy operators, bubble Mart signed a number of domestic and international trend of first-line brand of toys, and an annual trend in the domestic large toy exhibition. At the same time, app "professional toy social business platform independent development of flower Mart bubble fun" has become the most active toy community

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