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New Opportunities For Development Of Ni-MH Batteries

Based on the current resource advantage of our country and the maturity of battery production technology, our country is more focused on the promotion and development of Ni-MH battery in the development strategy of new energy vehicles.
For the development and promotion of new energy, each of the many have adopted a different support strategy. Because of the relatively mature technology of lithium battery production in Japan and some countries such as Europe and America, their country is now focusing on the promotion of lithium batteries and fuel cells.
Ni-MH battery occupies most of the market share in China's current power vehicle market, according to the different technology maturity of the new energy vehicle, system and key assembly, the perfection degree of national and industry standard and the degree of industrialization, the Ministry of Industry divides it into three different technical stages, including the starting period, the development period and the mature stage, and gives the classification management.
In the past two years, the development of lithium is also carried out in a way, traditional power car companies for the use of this new energy battery is not much, it is only slowly infiltration into the industry, after all, lithium-powered battery in research and development and production costs relatively high, for the power car business, China's current use of power vehicles, less choice of security and conservative practices.
This means that hybrids and electric cars, which are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, are still limited to sales and use, while hybrids and electric vehicles using NiMH batteries can be sold and used nationwide. Nickel-Hydrogen battery technology is more mature than lithium batteries, more abundant mineral resources, the future can make new energy vehicles more easily into the commercial phase.
From the development trend and speed of the power automobile industry, the only nickel-hydrogen battery can be obtained in the short term, because nickel-hydrogen battery technology is the most mature, cheap and safe, and has reached large-scale production. Lithium batteries also need to continue to work on the subject, such as security, so commercialization is still time, the Power Ni-MH battery will usher in a short period of high-speed growth.

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