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NetEase Game Power Bank 1000 Pieces Custom Designed

NetEase customized 1000 pieces game designed power bank!

We are honored to announce one more important customer(NetEase ordered one thoursand power bank with customized design and package. This power bank is 10000mAh capacity Li Polymer battery.

NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES) is China's leading Internet Technology Company, in the development of Internet applications, services and other technologies, NetEase has always maintained a leading position in the domestic industry. With a strong sense of mission Chinese NetEase for the development of the Internet, the use of advanced Internet technology, strengthen the exchange of information between people and sharing, to achieve "the fabric of human power".

Since its establishment in June 1997, NetEase has been welcomed by the vast numbers of Internet users with its advanced technology and excellent service. It was chosen as the head of China's top ten websites by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) for the two time.

Application and service in the development of the Internet and other technologies, leading NetEase remain the industry, and in the China Internet industry pioneered the full text retrieval, including Chinese Chinese large capacity e-mail system free of charge, unlimited free album, free electronic greeting cards, internet station, virtual community, online auction platform, customers 24 hours the service center of the product or service, but also through independent research and development of the launch of the domestic network game of a first achieved platinum status.

In December 2001, NetEase launched its first self-developed large network role-playing game "Odyssey westward Online", and then developed "Westward Journey Online II" on the basis of the original. In August 15, 2002, "Westward Journey Online II" officially operated, and became the first successful operation of domestic online games. In August 2013, the international superstar Li Bingbing joined in big 2. In September 5th of the same year, "Westward Journey Online II" was upgraded to "new Westward Journey 2"! In August 15, 2014, the "Westward Journey 2 free version of" friendship beta, make a classic, there are many choices. At present, "boast Westward Journey 2" brand's product registration user nearly 200 million, single product highest on-line breaks through 1 million 260 thousand. September 17, 2015, "Westward Journey" hand travel platform beta, with excellent reputation and good quality, long-term occupy the top of the list. In April 2016, the national male god Hu Ge announced to join, and became the first "Westward Journey" brand spokesperson. In July 2016, the "Westward Journey 2" classical tradition, known as the "Westward Journey 2 Classic Edition", at the same time to join the "Westward Journey", 2 free version of the "Westward Journey", "journey to the West Mobile Games blood version of" full opening of new logo big family. July 2017, "Westward Journey 2 Pocket Edition" full platform beta, out of the classic, fingertip restore!

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