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Application Of Lithium Battery In Medical Equipment Field

Consumer electronics and many other industries are increasingly paying attention to the mobility of products, medical device manufacturers are no exception, such a trend to improve the performance of on-site rescue equipment, monitoring equipment and fixed medical equipment, and thus promote the development of the health care industry. But in addition to portability, medical device manufacturers, of course, want to be able to create devices that are highly reliable because people's lives tend to hang on. It is annoying to have a mobile phone, but if a portable heart monitor or infusion pump is discontinued due to battery depletion, end users-and patients-face much more serious problems.

A few years ago, medical professionals were unable to bring life-saving equipment to the scene, because the technology of portable instruments was not yet ripe. But today, the use of lithium-ion batteries in medical devices has made a lot of monitoring instruments, ultrasound equipment and infusion pumps available in places far away from hospitals-even in the battlefield. Portable devices are moving more easily. It is because of applications such as lithium-ion batteries that heavy-weight defibrillators weighing up to 50 pounds can be replaced by lighter, more compact user-friendly devices and do not cause a muscle injury in the health care staff. The mobility of patients is becoming more and more important. Today's patients may be transferred from radiology to ICU, from ambulances to emergency rooms, or from one hospital to another in an ambulance. Similarly, the popularity of portable home appliances and mobile surveillance devices allows patients to stay in the places they like, rather than staying in a medical facility. Portable medical devices must truly be fully portable and provide the best service to patients. The demand for smaller, lighter medical devices has also increased dramatically, which has greatly stimulated interest in higher energy densities and smaller medical devices, lithium-ion batteries.

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