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150pcs Custom Power Bank 5000mah OEM Customized Design

We are glad to announce that our new customer(shanghai Jinshan painting) ordered 150pieces painted power bank 5000mah from us.

Shanghai Jinshan farmer painting is one of the traditional folk arts, launched in 70s, including painting, lacquer painting, paper-cut folk folk toys, clay and stone etc.. With romantic imagination, bold artistic exaggeration, novel design, bright colors, along with the unique style, unique charm with jiangnan.

Jinshan peasant paintings are fostered in Jiangnan folk art in a new soil. It takes Jiangnan folk art as an opportunity, with the pulse of life, set all of the people of the wisdom, creation, care and support from the leadership of the teacher development, expert help, created a new style of Chinese modern folk painting at the end of 70s, by the Chinese and foreign experts affirmed and the majority of the audience love.

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