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Selection and Purchase of Charging Batteries

Selection and Purchase of Charging Batteries

The strongest versatility is the No. 5 (AA) and No. 7 (AAA) rechargeable batteries, many digital cameras, Diskman, Walkman, MD, PDA and so on need to be used. There are two main types of batteries, nickel-cadmium/nickel-hydrogen. The following is mainly about nickel-cadmium/nickel-hydrogen. Nickel-cadmium/nickel-hydrogen batteries have AA and AAA models which can directly replace ordinary batteries No. 5 and No. 7. Although the standard voltage of ordinary batteries is 1.5V and that of nickel-cadmium/nickel-hydrogen batteries is only 1.2V, it generally does not affect their use.

4 AA2充电

Firstly, an important parameter of rechargeable batteries - the capacity of batteries, expressed by unit AH (ampere-hour) is introduced. We can see that it is a composite unit, which is composed of the product of current unit and time unit, representing the product of the continuous discharge time of the battery under constant current. In small batteries, we usually use smaller units of mAH (milliampere time). For example, an ideal fully charged battery can discharge with 60MA current for 10 hours. By multiplying the discharge current with time, we know that the capacity of the battery is 600 mAH. In theory, if it is used in the case of 600MA discharge, it can be used for one hour (dividing the discharge current by the battery capacity). Battery capacity parameters represent how much power a battery can store. It is always beneficial to store more batteries in the same volume. Generally, we can see capacity labels on retail packaged batteries.

6 AA2包装

The selection of such rechargeable batteries is mainly based on capacity, specifications and price. Firstly, the specifications of batteries should be determined. For the equipment with narrow battery storage or the equipment with multiple batteries to be discharged side by side, it is necessary to pay attention to the appropriateness of choosing batteries with high capacity and large diameter.  There are also two different forms of positive poles for rechargeable batteries. One is that the positive poles of rechargeable batteries have some protruding parts like ordinary batteries, which can help them to contact well with the battery box or other negative poles. The other is flat battery caps, which are suitable for welding into batteries. It is recommended that the former type of rechargeable battery be used generally. The rechargeable batteries on the packaging are divided into industrial packaging and retail packaging. The industrial packaging only uses monochrome plastic skin. The main supplier is battery block. There is no other information on the single battery except the production date. The retail packaging is beautiful in appearance, with detailed information including brand, trademark, capacity and origin, and some with simple charging methods, suitable for ordinary users. Secondly, the choice of battery capacity. Considering the working time and performance of high-capacity Ni-MH batteries, which consume a lot of power, such as digital cameras, flash lamps and communication equipment, are preferred. Large-capacity Ni-MH batteries can be used for a longer time after a full charge. The number 5 battery can reach 1200-1300 mAH, and the number 7 battery can reach 550 mAH, almost twice as much as the low capacity nickel-cadmium battery.  For low-power radios, nickel-cadmium batteries are more economical. Thirdly, the choice of brand. Generally, brand-name products have guaranteed quality and excellent performance. Panasonic, Sanyo and Toshiba batteries are used in many cell phones and walkie-talkies. The retail nickel-hydrogen batteries are well-known for their GP super-hegemony, as well as packaged packages that provide chargers. The Swan brand made in China is also good. GP, Hitachi and Panasonic are more common in nickel-cadmium batteries, and their performances are better.

5 AA2实用

Famous brand rechargeable batteries are badly counterfeited. There are a large number of counterfeit batteries of various famous brands in the electronic market. The price is extremely low, and there is no fantasy about their performance. For example, the famous GP super battery, counterfeit products and even suspender packaging are completely imitated. So when purchasing, we should be careful to distinguish the true from the false. We should go to large-scale photographic equipment stores to buy, although the price is slightly higher, but it is not easy to buy fake goods.

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