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Introduction of nickel metal hydride

Introduction of nickel metal hydride

Due to the toxicity of cadmium in nickel-cadmium batteries (Ni-Cd), the treatment of waste batteries is complicated and the environment is polluted, so it will gradually be replaced by Ni-MH rechargeable batteries made of hydrogen storage alloys.

In terms of battery power, Ni-MH rechargeable batteries of the same size are about 1.5-2 times higher than Ni-Cd batteries, and have no cadmium pollution. They have been widely used in mobile communications, notebook computers and other small portable electronic devices. Nickel-hydrogen batteries with larger capacity have been used in gasoline/electric hybrid vehicles. Nickel-hydrogen batteries can charge and discharge rapidly. When the vehicle is running at high speed, the electricity generated by the generator can be stored in the vehicle-mounted nickel-hydrogen batteries. When the vehicle is running at low speed, it usually consumes more gasoline than at high speed. In order to save gasoline, the nickel-hydrogen battery-driven motor can be used to replace the internal combustion engine at this time, which not only guarantees the normal driving of the car, but also saves a lot of gasoline. Therefore, the hybrid electric vehicle has greater market potential than the traditional vehicle, and all countries in the world are intensifying the research in this area.

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