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Portable Power Banks 5000mAh

We are best company of portable power banks 5000mAh best company of power bank for iphone 4. Besides we collected the marketing information every year and developed our own products through strong R&D team, which is over 10 engineers of power bank. Each professional project engineer guide and follow up the whole power bank procedure from mold design, circuit design, structure design to final performance assessment, sampling and mass production. Welcome OEM order!

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portable power banks 5000mAh best company of power bank for iphone 4




Factory View
Established in 2012. we are best company of power bank, rechargeable aa batteries, quick charge power bank, wireless charger, iphone battery and located in Shenzhen.

Packing & Shipping
1.We are experienced to deal with shipping by EMS, UPS, Singapore airline and shipment by sea.
2.If you want to customize your own package, we are best company of power bank. we can support you to design and sampling.
3.Local stock in Ohio, USA can meet sample delivery and cheaper logistics cost.

1.How about your after sales service?
A:We are best company of power bank and offer one year warranty. If any quality defective in warranty, please collect them together and send back to us. We will offer free replacement to you.

2.How about your product quality?
A:Our raw materials are all purchased from qualified suppliers and we have very strict QC standard to assure our final products meeting your requirements.

3.How about the price?
A:we offer the best price to our distributors and look forward to win-win. Long term partnership is our expectation.

4.How many times can I charge my phone?
A:The recharging times to your mobile phone depends on the capacity of your battery (mAh) and the efficiency (it varies depending on the model of the mobile charger and the type of device).
Normally 75% capacity of power bank can output to your phone because power lost by cable and PCBA.

5.Do I need to purchase additional cables to connect the pack?
A:If you have android Smartphone, there is no need purchasing extra cables, because one cable include into box. If you own Apple products (such as iPhone 4, ipad, ipod, itouch), please use your existing lightning cable to charge your phone.

The core technology of power bank

Core technology of battery charger is used to recharge the phone of the discharge current and the voltage of the curve is smooth, it will intimate relationship to damage the charging equipment important technical indicators of the discharge curve test must see the authority of the third party inspection report.

For battery charger, it has certain emergency function, in a wide range of digital battery charger can't storage electric power production, may be powered by some device, make digital products to achieve the effect of the normal work.Such as the market of the solar mobile power supply, the mobile power supply of the manual generator, the intelligent machine backup power.

The technology of battery charger refers to the appearance design of products into the consumers' public or niche aesthetic.As portable and has a certain function of electronic products, consumers are pay attention to the beauty of its appearance, so mainstream manufacturers not only in increasing battery power management of technological innovation at the same time, also in research and development of products that meet the consumers' aesthetic appearance.

The development of power bank

With the rapid development of global economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, carry portable electronic products is also more and more, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras, portable DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4,GPS, thermal insulation equipment, health care equipment, etc.

They all use batteries, but the original batteries of these devices can't meet the normal use of the device due to its low battery capacity.When on a business trip or travel peak is the work of this equipment, often at a crucial moment battery without electricity, especially in the mobile phone is on the phone, digital camera is photographed, PSP game play is excited, and so on PDA are working, let you feel very helpless and helpless.And you won't be able to match every device with a spare battery, not only expensive but also inconvenient.Based on this, in order to solve the problem of people's problems, power bank comes into being.

Power bank can solve the problem of power supply of many mobile devices, so as to solve the problem of shortage of electricity and make work and travel carefree.Some of the products are high in capacity, with a single-machine capacity of 8000mAh, intelligent battery indicator, peak power management technology, and a polymer lithium ion core, widely used in 5v equipment.

The security of power pack phone charger is also a problem that people pay attention to. However, there are more and more insecure factors inpower pack phone charger when the market is disorganized.Power pack phone charger must have: short circuit, overcharge, over-discharge, constant current, constant pressure and other protection measures, and should also have high performance power management technology.

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