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Power Bank 5000mAh

We are factory of portable power bank oem 5000mah capacity cell phone best mobile phone power bank. At present, we owns industrial area of 1550 square meters and more than 82 employees, in additional our company brings advanced technology and production equipments, we set up professional quality control team of portable power bank OEM and have professional quality inspection control system capable of providing high quality portable power bank OEM, excellent service with timely delivery. Welcome to customize your design.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

-Unique: patently design in Spain and original module in China
-OEM: comparing MOQ request by other suppliers, we can customize your design or logo even 1 piece.
-Amazing: high resolution UV printing and soft matte finishing give MC5 portable power bank OEM amazing appearance.
- Compliant: MC5 portable power bank are suitable to all smartphone best mobile phone and other 5V mobile devices.
-Quick Charge: 5V 2A input and output to all mobile phone

Product Feature

Customize: we present hundreds of cool design for your consideration, meanwhile you can customize your own design on portable power bank OEM NO MOQ.

Top Quality: our portable power bank is built in best quality A grade 5000mah battery Li Polymer and applied intelligent protect IC for safety purpose.

Easy use: our portable power bank can be charged by best mobile phone charger, wall adapter, computer, laptop. You can charge it anywhere freely.

Factory View
Smartoools was set up in 2012 and founded by three artists in Spain (Frederic Salvador, Miquel Pocurull and Emilio Escobar). Our mission is developing unique, personalization and New age power bank and electronics products for customers worldwide

Packing & Shipping
1.To meet the regulation of IATA, we pack our power bank within 10 KGS each carton.
2.We are experienced to deal with shipping by EMS, UPS, Singapore airline and shipment by sea.
3.We prefer to hear your freight forwarder in China, sample and cargoes can be delivered to your forwarder by free of shipping cost.

1.OEM/ODM service provided?
A:Yes, in fact it is our core business. Our designers are ready to help you and our order fulfillment team is ready to your OEM order.

2.How can I recharge the battery?
A:The input connector supports up to 1A of power and allows you to recharge the battery of the best mobile phone power bank about 1-2 hours when plug it to wall charger or in 2-3 hours when plug to laptop.

3.Does it work with all devices?
A:It is compatible with all types of smart phone and tablets. Thanks to the 2.1A of output power, it integrates an automatic detection system providing a fasting high efficient charging method.

4.Do I need to purchase additional cables to connect the pack?
A:If you have andriod smartphone best mobile phone power bank, there is no need purchasing extra cables, because one cable include into box. If you own Apple products( such as iPhone, ipad, ipod, itouch), please use your existing lightning cable to charge your phone.

5.What is the type of battery inside this best mobile phone power bank?
A:It is built in high quality A grade 2600mah Li Ion rechargeable battery.

Is there a danger to power bank?

First of all, we should know which core can explode.

We all know that we are concentrating on some old cell phones, razors and other electronic products.

Remove some of the old core to use.

And in many parts of the country, the cell phone bank charger market has been flooded with old mobile phones.

The possibility of an accident is very high.

Whether it is 18650 core security or polymer lithium - core security.

Let's look at it from an unprofessional perspective.

It's too professional to understand.

18650 is the core of a thick iron sheet.

It's not a very bad problem. The energy of a small battery is not so thick.

And there are safety valves in the core.

The protective valve opens when harsh conditions are encountered.

It won't hurt the user.

The polymer is in a clinker bag.

It's easy to have a small explosion.

However, due to the poor ability of the clinker bag, an explosion is usually a small explosion.

Still won't hurt the user.

The only thing that needs special attention is that the polymer will fire when there is a problem.

The fire is relentless, and the friends who want to use the polymer properly store your mobile power.

Look closely at the manufacturer of the cell phone bank charger.

Many very poor products are not labeled.

Because they don't dare to take responsibility.

We call it three unproducable.

The formal products are all the procedures are very complete.

There are also parts of the fishing business that print fake things.

But products should be better than those that are completely unsound.

Also, be sure to ask about the capacity of the cell phone bank charger source.

We should budget ourselves well.

How many batteries a day can be used.

It takes a few days.

What is the final transformation of the cell phone bank charger?

If you notice these problems in a cell phone bank charger plant, the cell phone bank charger you buy will not be in danger.

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