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Portable Power Bank 5V

Portable Power Bank 5V

We supply portable power bank 5V. We appreciate to your kindness reply.

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Portable power bank 5V

We supply portable power bank 5V.All our work are aim to meet your satisfaction.

How to properly use the power bank will not cause damage to the phone?

1. Use the phone's original data cable for charging

  The original data line is designed for the phone model is adapted to the phone's charging voltage, maximum current, battery voltage, no-load output voltage, charging temperature ... ... Therefore, the use of original data cable to charge the phone is the most appropriate. Other non-original data cable and universal charger internal design is not necessarily match your cell phone parameters, which will affect the life of the phone battery.

   2. Do not wait until the phone automatically shut down without electricity and then charge

 When the phone is low power automatically shut down, the phone's lithium battery is in an over-discharged state, the battery internal voltage is low, this will also affect the life of the phone battery. Therefore, you can set the phone automatically when the power is less than 20% power-saving mode or charge the phone.

3. Do not keep the phone charging for a long time

  In general, as long as the phone's lithium battery is regular, then the lithium battery will automatically stop charging in the fully charged state, will not continue to charge even if the power is connected, but will continue to charge once the phone consumes power of. This is not conducive to the stability of the phone work, so when the phone is full of power need to unplug the power supply equipment.

 4. Misunderstanding of lithium batteries

  Before most of the phone is supporting the basic nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries, these batteries have a memory effect, the initial use of the battery several times to fully charge and discharge to activate the battery, making the battery performance to achieve the best. Nowadays, most smartphones use lithium batteries, while lithium batteries have little memory effect and do not need activation, so charging and discharging multiple times are unnecessary. Therefore, "eat less meals" can also be used to describe lithium batteries, that is, frequent shallow charge and discharge more conducive to extending the life of lithium batteries.

 The above is for the correct use of mobile phone charging treasure on the phone charging will not cause damage to the phone put forward the proposal put forward, I hope everyone can start now to protect their love machine.

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