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Portable External Power Bank

We are factory of portable external power bank. We hope to cooperate with you from sample order.

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Portable external power bank

We are factory of portable external power bank. We hope to cooperate with you from sample order.

Portable external power bank will be squeezed will explode it?

Power bank Li's lithium-ion batteries are flammable and explosive goods, Power bank in the market many brands, many manufacturers for the lithium-ion battery options are not strict, resulting in the quality of Power bank varies greatly, the safety factor of the battery is more prone to low battery Problem, so charging Bao in the collision with the hard objects may be a fire phenomenon. Therefore, the first choice in the purchase of Power bank regular manufacturers to ensure that all types of certification is complete, and pay attention to charging treasure without boost IC protection, the maximum protection of the battery is not over-current damage, reducing the risk of danger.


Q:Where is your factory located? How can visit there?

A:Our factory locates in Shenzhen, China, which is near to Hong Kong. If you can plan time to visit us, we will be honored to meeting with you. Please kindly contact us for date and car picking up.

Q:What artwork requirements if customize design or logo?

A:Normally Ai, PSD or eps format documents are required. For logo printing or engraving, the logo image or text must be provided as a vector file which retains its high resolution.

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