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New Power Bank 5000mAh Portable

We supply New Power Bank 5000mAh Portable Popular Mobile Charger Factory Direct Sale. Besides we collected the marketing information every year and developed our own products through strong R&D team, which is over 10 engineers of Popular Power Bank. Each professional project engineer guide and follow up the whole Power Bank Charger procedure from mold design, circuit design, structure design to final performance assessment, sampling and mass production. We would be glad to receive your inquiry.

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Product Details

New Power Bank 5000mAh Portable Popular Mobile Charger Factory Direct Sale

Product Introduction

Product Parameter


Compliant: our Power Bank Charger is suitable to all mobile phone such as iphone, Samsung, Huawei etc, even ipad tablet PC.


Easy use: our New Power Bank can be charged by phone charger, wall adapter, computer, laptop. You can charge it anywhere freely.


Factory View
Established in 2012. we are professional manufacture of power bank, New Power Bank, rechargeable aa batteries, quick charge Popular Power Bank, wireless charger, iphone battery and located in Shenzhen.

Packing & Shipping
1.We prepare Smartoools Gift boxes for our distributors all over the world, also neutral package boxes for mini customized order. They can meet fast shipment and urgent delivery.
2.Local stock in Ohio, USA can meet sample delivery and cheaper logistics cost.
3.We prefer to hear your freight forwarder in China, sample and cargoes can be delivered to your forwarder by free of shipping cost.

Q:Can I apply to your branded distributer in my country?
A:Yes, we welcome more distributers to partner with us. Currently we have marketing partners in Spain, UK, Poland, Australia, Dubai, Kuwait etc. In China local markets, we assigned about more 80 distributors. Your trustable would be awarded cheaper price, fast delivery and more polices to support from us. Please contact us no hesitated.

Q:Can you license us to sell your design New Power Bank?
A:Yes, we offer free design to our customers. Most of design can be licensed for sell except for exclusive design by customers.

Q:What marketing material can you provide if we prefer to be your distributor/
A:We can provide artwork and design support to you when upload network. If you plan to sell B2B customers as promotion order, we can offer free artiest and support you customized artwork.If you target to supermarket or electronics channel, we can offer printed advertising materials to you.

Q:How many spare parts can you provide?
A:We normally provide some extra package boxes for replacement if any damage on the way.

Q:How do you ship my cargoes and how long does it take to delivery?
A:We usually ship cargoes by UPS or by Sea. If small quantity, we prefer to arrange shipment by UPS express, it will take 3-5 days. If in bulk, we suggest to shipping by sea to save logistics cost, normally it will last 20 - 40days based different destination countries.

Q:Is this power bank waterproof?

A:Sorry, it is designed as normal office travel purpose, similar as your smartphone.

Q:How can I recharge the battery?

A:The input connector supports up to 1A of power and allows you to recharge the battery of the

mobile charger about 1-2 hours when plug it to wall charger or in 2-3 hours when plug to laptop.

Q:Can it charges tablet PC?

A:Yes, it charges most 5V mobile devices with USB port(basically all phones and tablets).Q:Does this lose power if long time standby? For instance, if I only use it once a month or even two months, will it still have enough power to be useful?

A:It will hold its power for very long time, even little power will be lost by auto detecting IC. The power bank will lose 30% if standby 12 months.

Q:Can I charge my phone while it's charging itself?

A:Yes, you can. The electricity current will pass though power bank to your phone.

Q:Is this battery safe for air travel? Is it a lithium battery?

A:This is battery safety for air travel. It is a lithium battery.

Q:What is the voltage ranger for this devise, can I charge on European voltage?

A:It is charged to a USB cable it does not come with an adapter that plugs into the wall, you can use wall adapter to charge it.

Q:Where do I get an ac adaptor for this product?

A:Any USB port will work for this product, such as wall charger of your phone or computer laptop etc. However, you can buy wall charger from us also

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