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5000mAh Good Power Bank

We are manufacture of hot selling fashion design power bank good 5000mAh good Power Bank for mobile phone. Besides we collected the marketing information every year and developed our own products through strong R&D team, which is over 10 engineers of good power bank for mobile. Each professional project engineer guide and follow up the whole good power bank for mobile procedure from mold design, circuit design, structure design to final performance assessment, sampling and mass production. We appreciate to your kindness reply.

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hot selling fashion design power bank good 5000mAh good Power Bank for mobile phone





Factory View
Smartoools was set up in 2012 and founded by three artists in Spain (Frederic Salvador, Miquel Pocurull and Emilio Escobar). Our mission is developing unique, personalization and New age good power bank for mobile and electronics products for customers worldwide.


Q:Do I need to purchase additional cables to connect the pack?

A:If you have andriod smartphone, there is no need purchasing extra cables, because one cable include into box. If you own Apple products( such as iPhone, ipad, ipod, itouch), please use your existing lightning cable to charge your phone. 

Q:Does it auto turn off when there is no load? Check: Turn it on, wait for a min and connect to a phone or a device. Does it start charging the phone?

A:You turn it on and it starts immediately charging if you flip the switch to on when connected to phone. Mine stops charging if there is no phone connected. 

Q:Is it supposed to come with a manual?

A:Our packing contains with a user manual, when you have not understand problem, you can look at the manual.

Q:Will this battery damage or shorten the life of the internal battery in my iPad Air?

A:Neither, that would just be a issue with your battery, as over time Battery's loose life. 

Q:How can I get some samples?

A:We are honored to offer your samples. Please kindly email us quantity and design. We will prepare for you.

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