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High Quality Power Bank 5000mAh

We are manufacture of high quality best price for power bank 5000mah best battery bank for mobile. Shenzhen Lianguang Communication Technology CO.,LTD was established in 2012. We are high technology enterprise incorportating R&D production and sales of best battery bank for mobile, power bank, rechargeable aa batteries, best battery bank for mobile, wireless charger, iphone battery etc. We will reply to you if any questions.

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Product Details

Product Introduction
-Cool: unique design from Europe artiest and private module tooling in China.
-Smart: our power bank is named as Credit card size and portable on hand.
-Soft: Rubber matte finish to full body of best battery bank for mobile make it soft and lovely
-Capacity: MC5 power bank is built in 5000mAh rechargeable Li Polymer battery
-Safety: more protection model are designed to short circuit, over voltage and high temperature.
-Intelligent: automatically charging mobile phone when plug in and auto shut off when unplug.

Product Specification

Product name:

5000mAh power bank


Black / customize


93*63*11mm (credit card size)








Top Grade A Li Polymer Rechargeable Battery

Life cycle:

500 times

LED indicator:

Four LED to show capacity


Short circuit protection

Over voltage protection

Over temperature protection

EMC protection




iphone, Samsung, huawei, xiaomi, htc, vivo most smartphone, ipad

1.How fast does it charge a phone from around 0 - 100?
A:Since it charges at an output of up to 2.1A, it will charge your phone at the same speed as the wall charger. Normally your phone will be charged 1% - 2% every min.

2.Will the best battery bank for mobile turn itself off once it's fully charged?
A:Yes, with the power bank it has installed over charge protection board, which means when the power bank is over charged, it will still keep safe.

3.Can it be charged from a regular outlet?
A:You can charge the power bank with the wall plug at home or computer/laptop output, the charging time will be different. If you use the laptop usb output will be slower.

4.Where do I get an ac adaptor for this product?
A:Any USB port will work for this product, such as wall charger of your phone or computer laptop etc. However, you can buy wall charger from us also

5.Can I apply to your branded distributer in my country?
A:Yes, we welcome more distributers to partner with us and offer best price for power bank. Currently we have marketing partners in Spain, UK, Poland, Australia, Dubai, Kuwait etc. In China local markets, we assigned about more 80 distributors. Your trustable would be awarded cheaper price, fast delivery and more polices to support from us. Please contact us no hesitated.

Four types of batteries

Polymer battery: standard voltage 3.7 V, more shape, can be customized, have large capacity, widely used, such as mobile phone, MP4,Portable speakers, etc.The advantages of polymer battery mobile power supply, the appearance is affected by the shape of the core-shape, most of which are very fashionable, can be made lighter, thinner, more portable, and more secure.Relatively high price, relatively large inventory pressure.

Lithium: standard voltage 3.7 V, small volume, large capacity, standard voltage 3.7v, mainly used in high-end products such as laptop.The characteristics of the 18650 lithium battery mobile power supply are the appearance is affected by the shape of the core-shape, although the cost performance is high, but the portability is poor.The 18650 lithium battery is columnar, and the single core is usually 2000-3400mah.

AAA NIMH battery: standard voltage 1.2 V.The capacity is relatively small.Widely used, household appliances, toys, etc.

Lithium iron phosphate battery: standard voltage 3.65 V, also known as ferroelectricity, long life, safety, environmental protection and fast support Charge and discharge, often used in power batteries, high-end mobile power and other fields.

What about the cost-effective power bank?

micro usb power bank is everywhere in everyone's life, which is also due to the increasing number of smart phones.

Choose safe and reliable, affordable mobile power products concerned by people, but as an ordinary consumer, want to find in the market has the connotation of reliable micro usb power bank products, will not be easy.

So how can you make a clear judgment on the market?

Here is how to explain the low cost performance of mobile phone micro usb power bank?

1. Product provenance and product insurance.

Generally normal micro usb power bank products are labeled with the product manufacturer or the sales website, consumers can easily understand the specific situation of the manufacturer through the Internet or the phone.

For consumer battery products, we should first consider selecting the products with power manufacturers and perfect service groups, which can guarantee the after-sales service of products and avoid the worries of consumers.

It is the responsibility of the micro usb power bank producers to buy insurance for their products, which represents the firm connotation of the product, and is also the embodiment of the manufacturer's confidence in the quality of their products.

2. Product certification.

Consumers can inquire whether there is a third-party certification or complete certification to obtain the purchase confidence.

The product certification of a third party confirms that the product meets certain quality standards and safety requirements.

3. Product safety and performance excellence

I'm sure you all know about cell phone batteries, but the real source of the battery explosion is the use of fake batteries.

Also have a lot of mobile power supply on the market, are made with poor quality battery pack technology content low chip assembly, and output current is not stable, charging for digital products it produces a lot of calories, charging efficiency is low, also very easy to short-circuit, burn out expensive digital products.

4. After-sales service.

The configuration of formal electronic consumer products must have perfect after-sales service content, which is the basic requirement of sales.

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