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External Battery Charger Power Bank

We supply external battery charger power bank. Your sample order will be treated as same as mass production.

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External battery charger power bank

We supply external battery charger power bank.Great appreciation to your feedback in advance!

Power bank what circumstances will explode, look carefully when buying

As mobile phones bring us conveniences in life, charging treasure has become the most commonly used cell phone charging products in addition to cell phone chargers. Recently there have been some news that some cell phone chargers have exploded. The bad charging treasure is not safe Achieving compliance, poor safety, and being dangerous because it can move around and turn into a bomblet that moves around.

Many people are wondering why the charging treasure will suddenly explode.

First understand the reasons for the explosion, and then consider whether it will explode, and the time of the explosion. Charging the rechargeable treasure is like giving water to the pool. If the water is coming in fast, the pool depends on its ability to withstand it. If you can not afford, it will be hot, hot. Serious will burst open. Charging Po batteries used are basically 18650 and polymer batteries. 18650 pure imported explosion protection, will be much better than ordinary domestic, but because of the compression, the greater the greater the danger of explosion. But if the polymer battery is much better. The polymer itself will be overcharged, but it will not explode. However, no matter what charge Po batteries, even if the power is off to protect the trickle of electricity re-enter. More than 48 hours are dangerous.

The following conditions may explode

First, overheating, humid environment to use and save. Exposure to fire, exposure to the sun, some very harsh environments, such as on the car, the car sealed temperature up to 60 to 70 degrees.

Second, the drum phenomenon also continue to use.

Third, the pressure on it, throwing, forced vibration, may cause a short circuit, so that she was short-circuit charging burned detonated danger.

Fourth, try to use the first wife, or buy the same parameters of the charging head. Charging treasure is the same, especially when charging, to use the same parameters charging cable, adapter.

Five, such as you travel, forget to unplug the charging treasure.

Sixth, the use of rechargeable treasure too frequent, not too frequent charge and discharge, too often will shorten the life expectancy, and will increase the risk of danger.

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