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Design Power Bank 1500mAh

We are factory of custom design power pack charger for cell phone power bank 1500mah best portable battery bank. All our power bank have passed CE FCC Rohs, Reach, GS certification and so on. We have successfully entered into major market in UK, Spain, Poland, HK, UAE and Australia... We will reply to you if any questions.

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Custom design power pack charger for cell phone power bank 1500mah best portable battery bank



Packing & Shipping
1.Smartoools Brands package boxes or Neutral Gift box for your option, you can customize package with your own logo.
2.We provide EMS, POSTNL for samples delivery, around 20days from China to your address
3.If you need faster delivery, we suggest UPS with 5 -7 days leadtime.

Q:The lights on my battery are now flashing rapidly when charging?
A:While charging, the first battery indicator starts blinking when the power bank is being charged. When the battery level reaches 25%, the first indicator becomes solid and the second starts blinking. The pattern repeats until all indicators become solid and the device is fully charged.

Q:How many times this can be recharged?
A:Investing in a high-density Li-polymer, portable usb charger that retains over 75% of its capacity after 500 charge cycles.

Q:How many ports is it, and does it support quick charge?
A:The power bank has a input and a output to charge, it is support quick charge.

Q:How do I charge the battery in Europe?
A:The Wall charger it's the one that has to be Complaint and make sure it's output is not more than 5volts and use the wire supplied with this unit. A adapter for a USB wall charger may also be used.

Q:Can I charge the power bank and at the same time plug my iphone to 1 of the usb ports in order to charge both devices simultaneously?
A:Of course yes, the electricity current will pass through PCBA of power bank and charge your phone directly. If there is extra current, the power bank will be charged also. Anyway your phone will be first propriety.

Q:Is it safe?

A:The 4-layey circuit PCBA includes a microprocessor with protection against short circuit, discharge and high temperatures(+40℃). So you will never damage your device.

Q:How can l charge the power bank?

A:Plugging the USB into your computer or wall adapter would be sufficient way to charge it. 

Q:What kinds of trading term and payment methods

A:Our trading term is various depend on customer ability. If you have office or logistics agency in China, we can offer EXW or FOB China to you. If you prefer simple operation, we can supply CIF, even door to door. You can just signature when receipt.

Q:What is MOQ

A:There is no MOQ request if order our Smartoools branded power bank, we prepare thousands stock for the repeat order from our previous customers. If you want to customize your own logo or design, please kindly contact us by email because different MOQ request to customize products or packages.

Q:Why is your company dealing with so few kinds products

A:In it is our business philosophy. We only develop our own products through cooperate with our customers after fully analysis markets every year. Our products are targeting to meet medium and high level marketing with good quality and best design. If some customers prefer lower quality and cheapest price, maybe we failed to meet them.

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