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5000mAh Power Bank Fast Charging

We are manufacture of 5000mAh power bank fast charging USB 2.1A Output battery power bank for mobile.All our work are aim to meet your satisfaction.

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Product Details

5000mAh power bank fast charging USB 2.1A Output battery power bank for mobile

Product Specification

Product name:

5000mAh power bank fast charging


Black / customize


93*63*11mm (credit card size)








Top Grade A Li Polymer Rechargeable Battery

Life cycle:

500 times


Yes, checking capacity when press it

LED indicator:

Four LED to show capacity

Product Feature
name card size power bank fast charging only 104g weight is easily taken in bag or pocket.


Customize: we present hundreds of cool design for your consideration, meanwhile you can customize your own design on power bank fast charging NO MOQ.


Gift Box: unique beautiful gift package box is matched to different artwork of power bank. We can support customer to design their own artwork for promotional order in bulk.





1.How many times can I charge my phone?
A:The recharging times to your mobile phone depends on the capacity of your battery power bank for mobile (mAh) and the efficiency (it varies depending on the model of the mobile charger and the type of device).
Normally 75% capacity of battery power bank for mobile can output to your phone because power lost by cable and PCBA.

2.Why is your company dealing with so few kinds products
A:In it is our business philosophy. We only develop our own products through cooperate with our customers after fully analysis markets every year. Our products are targeting to meet medium and high level marketing with good quality and best design. If some customers prefer lower quality and cheapest price, maybe we failed to meet them.

3.Is this battery power bank for mobile waterproof?
A:Sorry, it is designed as normal office travel purpose, similar as your smartphone.

4.Can I charge my devices in Cloudy day or rainy day?
A:Yes, it is ok to charging devices any weather, but keep it far from water or liquid to avoid dangerous.

5.What is MOQ
A:There is no MOQ request if order our Smartoools branded battery power bank for mobile, we prepare thousands stock for the repeat order from our previous customers. If you want to customize your own logo or design, please kindly contact us by email because different MOQ request to customize products or packages.

Principle of power bank

Cell phone pocket chargers is used to recharge the digital configuration by using the charging and discharging results of internal energy storage batteries.Because UPS is an uninterruptible power source, the inverter is an emergency component, which is entrusted with energy storage of energy storage components and constant voltage constant frequency pocket chargers.The emergency is used to provide uninterruptible stores for the operator or other electrical configuration. The similar points in the results can be charged to the market and can be discharged from the outside.But the parts they charge and the main points are different, and the main points and principles of discharge are very different.Therefore, pocket chargers treasure result layout is composed of two departments: one is the lithium-ion circuit board, all pocket chargers when recharge the built-in battery store electricity generating electrochemical echo.

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